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If your site takes too long to load, then most people will be gone without previewing. And you will be lost before even had a chance to show your site’s products. Not only that, Google now included site speed in its ranking algorithm. That means your site speed affect SEO. So, if your site is slow then visitors will be impatient and quit before open that particular page and your site will lose in google as well as in other search engines.

Let us optimize and speed up your wordpress site so your search engine ranking can improves.

Test your website speed and performance:

Check your site’s Page Speed by Google Click Here


Website Optimization & Page Speed up- Price and Services

Key Features & What you will get:

  • We will configure your wordpress hosting
  • Disable hotlinling and leaching of your content
  • Optimize your wordpress database
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Enable compression
  • Minify HTML, CSS, Javascript and many more so it can load quickly and your site open fast.

Delivery Time:  1 Days.

FAQ: Will it affect my website’s functionality?

No, it will not affect your wordpress website functionality, site optimization will greatly improve not only speed of your site. But also the security of your site.


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