Expert Roundup: 11 Ultimate Blogs in India to become a Blogging Expert

Ultimate Blogs in India to become a Blogging Expert: Blogging is not tough but it’s also true it’s not that easy as you think or heard on a youtube video. And believe me, like any other thing, you have to learn some Blogging & SEO basics if you want to be successful in this field.

In fact, your success in blogging journey depends on your experiences and learning from mistakes.

But what if you can learn from experts, then things won’t be that hard that you are imaging, isn’t it?

And the best part is there are a lot of experts on the internet who give their advice, tips and share their experiences via their blogs.

Many beginners boosted their first launched blog just from the knowledge that they learned just from reading these expert blogs.

So if you are also eager to learn blogging from reading the expert’s blog then here are the 11 Ultimate Blogs to become a Blogging Expert!

Where you can read their blog and learn from their knowledge, tips to implement in your blog.

1. BloggersPassion

blogging experts- bloggerspassion is one of the top blogs in India, which is founded by Anil Aggarwal.

He is a pro blogger who launched Bloggerpassion in 2010 and from the past 10 years he continuously sharing his knowledge, tips, and strategies with his blog readers.

Before being a full-time blogger he even worked as an SEO expert in big MMI companies like Times of India and Jargan group.

Anil has 15 years of experience in SEO, Blogging, and digital marketing. So you can assume how much you can learn from just reading his blog.

In 2011, he sold one of his blogs for 35,000/- dollars and even featured on Forbes, Huffpost, Semrush, etc as a Blogging guru.

Currently, Anil is making more than 10,000$ every single month from his blogging skills.

Apart from being a blogging expert, he is a very humble and kind heart person, Who loves to help beginners to start their blogs.

Here are some courses where you can start learning Blogging and SEO for free by Anil Aggarwal.

Free courses available on Bloggerspassion: 

2. BloggingCage

blogging experts- bloggingcage

Want to learn affiliate marketing then there is no better blog than BloggingCage.

This amazing blog is founded by Kulwant Nagi, one of the well-known blogging experts in India and the world.

He is a professional blogger, affiliate marketer, and an amazing content writer.

Kulwant Nagi started Blogging Cage on 15 January 2012 and since then he continuously worked on making this blog one top learning place for beginners.

His story is very inspirational, how a small town named Fatehabad located in Haryana began his blogging journey and soon became a famous guy in the blogging industry around the world.

Click here to read more about Kulwant Nagi.

Kulwant Nagi has around 10 years of experience in blogging and He started his blog with a mission to solve out beginner’s problems who are struggling to start their blog and want to earn money from it.

Believe me, after reading his blog things will not be as hard as you think.

Blogging cage is a gold mine of Kulwant’s knowledge and experience especially for affiliate marketing learners.

You can learn blogging, SEO, keyword research, niche finding from just reading his blog.

Recently, to help out newbies in affiliate marketing he launched his theme Affiliate Booster, which has everything a blogger wants for affiliate marketing and trusts me after checking the feature it’s the best affiliate marketing theme in the world.

Until now, he earned thousands of dollars, featured on many big blogs like Huffpost, Problogger, Yourstory, Neil Patel, traveled to 20 countries, met many experts of the blogging community, and attended many events as a speaker.

Woosh, there is so much to talk about him! So make sure to read his journey here.

Here are some free courses and books offered by Kulwant Nagi to head start your journey.

Free stuff available on Blogging Cage:  

3. MasterBlogging

blogging experts- masterblogging

The next expert on our list is Ankit Singla, founder of MasterBlogging. A full-time professional blogger and digital entrepreneur.

He started his blogging journey after an MLM scam that cost him some money and then after 2 years from starting his blog he made a profit from it.

Since then, he never looked back.

Read more about Ankit Singla here

It has been 11 years since he’s been in blogging and SEO and since then he did not just achieve 6 figure business but also helped many newbies to start their blogging journey.

If you want to know the art of getting traffic and wanna make money from your blog then this is the blog you must start reading and start implementing Ankit’s tips and strategies.

By following this blog, you will learn,

Ankit Singla has been featured on many famous new sites, magazines, and sites like HuffPost, NDTV Prime, YourStory, etc for his mind-blowing strategies.

Here are some ultimate guide on MasterBlogging that you can start reading

4. BloggingX (Previously known as Gobloggingtips)

blogging experts- bloggingx

BloggingX is run by one of the most amazing and professional guy of blogging industry, Akshay Hullar. If you are searching for blogging tips on google or youtube, there is no chance that you haven’t seen him.

Akshay is a professional blogger, SEO expert, Digital marketer, and trainer who trained more than a thousand students about blogging and digital marketing.

Read more about Akshay Hullar

He began his journey in 2011 and has a high following on Youtube, Facebook Community, and Telegram and people like me just love his strategies and tips.

You will learn several things related to digital marketing from his blog,.

  • Bogging and action taking tips
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Growth hacking  SEO
  • Video marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Etc

Akshay Hullar even featured and interviewed in big sites like SEMrush, Astra, Renderforest, and many more.

The most helpful thing you are going to love in his blog is the simple explaining terms, you will understand his post’s material easily. That’s the art of Akshay’s writing skill, making complicated things easy to understand and performable.

Here’s some handpicked free resourced by Akshay for beginners,

5. BloggingQnA

blogging experts- bloggingqna

BloggingQnA is founded and run by Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj, he began his digital journey in 2016 and after getting many failures he started BloggingQnA to teach newbies about blogging and digital marketing.

In his Blog, Mangesh shares tested and proven tips related to Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Adsense, WordPress plugins, Blogger templates, WordPress themes, Link Building, Social Media, Earn Money Online with his readers.

You can always find him available on his Premium Facebook group and helps members to related to their queries.

If you also have any questions regarding blogging then I suggest you join his Facebook group called BloggingQnA.

Mangesh also runs a youtube channel with the same name as his blog, where he posts videos to teach people about blogging tips, hacks, and some secret strategies with proven methods.

Until now, he is interviewed by many bloggers and shared his story, even some blogging experts recognized and appreciated his work.

So, if you also want to learn from his proven strategies to earn money and become a blogging expert, then start following his blog.

Here are the free stuff by Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj available on his blog.

6. BloggingLift

blogging experts- blogginglift

BloggingLift founded and run by Sumit Sao. He started his Blogging career in 2015 with Blogspot and after failing 3 times continuously, he rewired his thinking process for Blogging like professional Bloggers that we mentioned above.

And started a blog again on Blogspot, within 3 months he got his first affiliate sale.

Sumit invested the amount for buying a domain today we know as BloggingLift and that’s how this amazing blog came to exist.

Now Sumit is also an expert in this field, who’s currently earning a good amount from it.

But he didn’t settle here and decided to share his knowledge with the newbies who are also struggling to earn money via their blog with his action taking strategies, tips, and hacks.

He also owns a VIP Blogging group on Facebook, where he shares his tips, answers member’s questions, giveaway premium Blogging materials, and even promotes other bloggers.

So, make sure to join his Facebook group that have 25000+ active members.

Click here to join his premium Facebook group

Before suggesting any tool or service, he himself tests it and then tells other members how they can use it more effectively and get better results.

He even featured and interviewed in many big blogs and sites like WPX, Social Snap, Brush (part of SEMrush) for his amazing work.

Recently, Sumit won first prize 1,000$ in the SEMrush contest.

Things you will learn from his blog,

  • Action taking Blogging strategies
  • How to earn money with your blog on automation, even you are sleeping
  • Effective list building techniques
  • How to promote and bring traffic to your blog
  • Affiliate Marketing tips
  • Etc…

Here are free courses offered by him for beginners

7. GuideBlogging

blogging experts- Guideblogging

This blog’s founder doesn’t need an introduction, he’s an inspiration for every newbie/beginner and known as the youngest blogger.

Because despite his little age he achieved the milestones that an average Blogger takes years.

Yes, we are talking about Umer Qureshi, a professional blogger who amazed everyone with his achievements in the age where normal kids were playing.

I call him the Chotu Ustaad.

He started GuideBlogging in 2019 with the amount he received on his birthday from his parents at the age of 16 and within just 1 year he made it successful.

So you can think about how hard he worked and the knowledge, strategies behind the results.

If you want to grow your blog seriously and earn money from it then Umer is the best mentor, don’t go on his age number. Believe his strategies are the premium class which he provides absolutely free via his blog, youtube channel, and Facebook group. (links are given below)

Currently, he is earning up to 3000$ every month and scaling this mount even higher.

Umer also featured, interviewed, and appeared in many sites, youtube channels, events, and all this in his little age.

There is a famous sentence, “age is just a number” and Umer proved it right!

What you will learn from his blog,

  • Proved and resulting blogging strategies
  • How to grow your blog exponentially
  • Art of building funnels
  • Amazing list building techniques
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • How to build your own traffic ecosystem
  • Etc…

Free resources provided by Umer Quershi to start your learnings,

8. SimpleFactsOnline

blogging experts- simplefactsonline

This blog started by Chayan Chakrabarti with one aim to teach people about Blogging, SEO and Digital Marketing.

Chayan had experience in this field since 2015 and via his blog simpelfactsonline he is sharing his strategies.

He is interviewed in many blogs and has a good personality among bloggers.

His Facebook group has 6000+ active members which help each other to grow their blog and knowledge.

Click here to Join Chayan’s Vip Facebook group!

Here’s are the free Blogging resources available on Simpltfactsonline,

9. GrowthFunda

blogging experts- growthfunda

Want to get out of your 9 to 5 job and want to be a successful person, then this is the blog that you should start reading from now on.

GrowthFunda is started by Amol Chavan with the aim, helping others to get out of rat race life and become his own boss.

He has very inspirational story, where he showed his pain of a 9 to 5 job but one he decided to quit this rat race and thought to be his own boss.

At that time, he didn’t know what he’s going to do next and tried several things, learned about them, invested his time and money but failed!

Click here to read more about Amol’s story!

And after failing several times, Amol finally started GrowthFunda to share his knowledge, experience, and tips to be a job free self-made person.

Now he knew, what things must do before you quit your job, step by step approach for a job free life, and what businesses you can start to be your own boss and job life.

Amol even launched a course named Side Hustle Beta to teach people the art of getting out 9 to 5 job life.

Things you are going to learn in Amol Chavan Blog,

  • How to quit your 9 to 5 rat race life and be your own boss (step by step approach)
  • Different business ideas you can start as side hustle
  • About blogging and digital marketing

Free resources available on GrowthFunda

10. BloggingAsk

blogging experts- bloggingask

BloggingAsk founded by Ramesh Rawat in 2019 to help beginner’s to start their blogging journey.

Ramesh is 29 years old and a part-time Blogger, Content Writer, Youtuber, Affiliate Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

He began blogging in 2017 and in 2019 he received many inquiries about blogging so to help all of them he decided to start a blog, which is now known as BloggingAsk.

Ramesh has various micro-niche affiliate sites and till now helped many bloggers to solve their queries with his knowledge and experience.

In his facebook group, he always gives a glimpse of strategies that make money for him and answer other blogger’s questions. So make sure to join his facebook group.

Click here to join BloggingAsk Premium Facebook Group!

Free blogging stuffs available on BloggingAsk,

11. BloggingCosmos

blogging experts- bloggingcosmos

This blog founder just can’t be described by words. He’s most kind-hearted, his love for Mahadev is unparalleled, an amazing writer featured on amazon as best selling book author, programming coder, and a digital marketer.

I am talking about the multi-talented Santosh Gairola.

Santosh started his blog to help struggling bloggers in starting and managing their first blogs.

In his blog, you’re going to learn,

  • Blogging
  • Free blog promotion tips
  • SEO tools reviews

He also has a Facebook group with 900+ active members where he helps everyone and replies to their question.

Join his Facebook group here!

Free resources offered by Santosh on his blog,

Wrapping Up

These blogs and their founders are experts in their field and love to help newbies to start blogging career.

Now it’s your turn to start following and reading these 11 ultimate blogs in India to become a Blogging expert. And If you have any questions that you are facing then you can ask them in their Facebook groups straight and trust me they will definitely help you.

Don’t forget to tell which blogging expert is your favorite on the list. Let’s see who is more famous among readers. Write your favorite expert name in the comments.

And if I missed mentioning anyone on the list, please ping me in the comments. I will love to add them.

Bye, bye take care and I will see you at the next one!

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  5. Hi Basant

    Yes, blogging is not as easy as it seems. One has to learn copywriting skills, SEO, etc. to become a successful blogger.

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    All the bloggers you mentioned are sharing amazing content. I am following all of them.

    Amit Garg

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