Most asked 50 SEO interview questions for Digital Marketing Job

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SEO interview questions: Today I am going to tell you some important SEO interview questions which are going to be of great use to you. If you go to give an interview in any company, then they ask you some questions to check your knowledge and experience.

So, I am going to tell you the same questions here today that will help you prepare for the interview. Almost all companies definitely ask these types of questions which are mentioned below.

Seo interview questions

And, these questions are also used for SEM interview questions.

SEO interview questions for freshers and experienced

  1. What is SEO and what are its types?

Ans – SEO means search engine optimization. SEO helps in bringing traffic to your website and ranking your website. SEO helps to rank your website and helps to bring organic traffic.

There are two types of SEO –

  1. ON page SEO.
  2. OFF page SEO.
  1. What are some of the most useful tools for SEO?

Ans – The most useful and effective tools for SEO are google adword, google analytics, Ahref, keyword planner, open site explorer, webmaster, and etc.

  1. What is an SEO Analyst?

Ans – SEO analyst is an SEO expert who analyzes the architecture of the website. The role of an SEO analyzer is to do the analyzation of the website and help to solve the issues occur in the analyzation.

  1. What is an SEO executive?

Ans – The main work of an SEO executive is to improve the quality of the website. Every SEO executive should be updated with SEM (search engine marketing) and Google algorithms. 

  1. What are backlinks?

Ans – First, backlinks are also known as inbound links. Backlinks or inbound links are the numbers of links that come to your website.

  1. What are outbound links?

Ans – Outbound links are the number of links present on your website that referred to another website.

  1. What are the critical parts of the Panda update? 

Ans – Panda is to improve the hunt on Google. The most recent rendition has concentrated on quality substance, legitimate plan, appropriate speed, consistent utilization of pictures, and some more. 

  1. What are the critical parts of the Penguin update? 

Ans – Penguin is the code name for Google calculation. Its fundamental objective is to diminish the positioning of that site that are disregarding the Google Webmaster rules. These rules are ignored by utilizing dark hat systems like Cloaking and stuffing. 

  1. How will you kill a dangerous connect to your site?

Ans – Through Backlink Quality Checker, you can realize who connects to your site. Presently, you need to go to ‘Poisonous connection’ report, where you will discover every one of the connections, that is hurtful to your sites. If there is any connection in the ‘Harmful connection report’ that matches the link on your website, at that point, you can evacuate it by utilizing the ‘Google Disavow device.’ 

  1. How would you be able to check that somebody isn’t fabricating or diverting a low-quality backlink to your site? 

To keep somebody from building or diverting a low-quality connect to your site, you can utilize tools like, 


Open Site Explorer 

  1. How do backlink instruments work?

Ans – Backlink apparatuses run a progression of tests to disclose to you what number of backlinks are indicating the web interface you entered. Extra data is l like grapple content utilized, Domain Authority and Trust of the backlink source, and any potential banners or warnings for each connection. 

  1. What do you comprehend by Frames in HTML? 

Ans – Frame in HTML is a method that partitions the substance of a page onto a few sections. Web indexes think about Frames as totally various pages and may negatively affect SEO. 

  1. Which is the most significant territory to incorporate your watchwords? 

Ans – The most significant territory to incorporate your watchwords are, 

  • Page title 
  • Body content 
  • Meta Description 

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  1. What will you do if the web indexes boycott your site for dark cap rehearses? 

Ans – On the off chance that the web indexes boycott your site for dark cap rehearses, you can apply for re-incorporation after adjusting your bad behaviors. 

  1. What will be your methodology if your SEO strategy doesn’t work? 

Ans – If the SEO strategy doesn’t work, at that point, do the accompanying, 

To begin with, see whether it is another venture then re-check the watchwords. 

At that point search for applicable watchwords that can be useful.

Make changes in page content, title, and portrayal. 

If still not positioned, at that point, there might be some different significant issues like terrible connections, penguin/panda or other Google punishment, crawlability issues, UI issues, and so forth. 

  1. What is the web-based life stage utilized for SEO? 

Ans – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are some vital stage which is used for online advancement.

Google AdWord interview questions

Google AdWord interview questions

  1. Explain what AdWords is?

Ans – AdWords is a framework that Google has made to oblige in showcasing items or administrations on Google internet searcher and its associated locales. 

  1. Explain how AdWords work? 

Ans – Adword straightforwardly works under an offering framework, and by offering, I mean the cost of a specific Ad. More the value, the higher the positioning of the Ad. Likewise, these AdWords take a shot at ‘pay per click,’ which implies you pay the sum you have cited, just if someone taps on your ad. 

Clarify what transformation streamlining agent in AdWords is

Ans – Conversion Optimizer in Google AdWords is a device for offer control that chooses concerning which taps on the advertisement will increase the value of it. It helps in showing signs of quantifiable improvement profit. 

  1. Mention in Google AdWords that alternatives can’t be changed after making a record? 

Ans – Once making a record Currency and Time Zone can’t be changed. In this manner, it is prescribed to fill in the subtleties cautiously. 

  1. Explain how you might improve change rates? 

Ans – By making advertisements that match appropriately with catchphrases and make firmly themed promotion gatherings, you can target clients to the crusade that aides in changes.

  1. Clarify what Google Quality Score is? 

Ans – The quality score of Google guarantees the suitability of your advertisement to the client, principally dependent on your promotion’s CTR, for example, the nature of your presentation page and its catchphrase pertinence.

Better the quality score, you’ll have the option to get a good deal on your advertisements and keep up a superior positioning.

Google analytics interview questions 

These are also part of Seo interview questions,

  1. What is Google Analytics? 

Ans – A free site investigation stage offered by Google that assists advertisers with following and report site developments. 

When you coordinate its content with the site, you can follow the presentation of your website in various structures, for example, the client’s commitment, transformations, and guest’s stream. 

Google Analytics causes you to break down the data about the exhibition of your site and guide you in settling on choices to improve the site traffic and income. 

  1. What is implied by KPI in Analytics? 

Ans – The full type of KPI is Key Performance Indicators. As indicated by Google Analytics Questions and Answers Guide, KPI measurements assist advertisers with examining their sites dependent on the distinctive business destinations. A portion of the striking instances of KPIs are- 

  • Clients 
  • Sessions 
  • Avg Time 
  • Bob Rate 
  • Transformation rate, and so on. 
  1. What is a session? 

Ans – At whatever point a client visits a site, the session begins. In Google Analytics, a session can keep going for 30 minutes, regardless of whether you don’t do any action. 

Another session begins in Google investigation if your source changes. 

For example, one session will begin on the off chance that you visit from natural outcomes, yet if you open the same site from PPC, at that point the next meeting will begin. 

  1. Which is increasingly significant – Bounce Rate or Exit Rate? 

Ans – Both are similarly basic when estimating the site execution, in any case, their significance depends upon the number of segments like a considerable leave pace of a contact page/thanks page or a channel’s end page. 

  1. Would I have the option to follow my Google AdSense Campaigns with Google Analytics? 

Ans – In reality, Google Analytics measures the achievement of your Google AdSense Campaigns. 

If you will probably make pay through AdSense works out, Google Analytics Questions and Answers 2017 Guide prescribes utilizing Google Analytics’ Pages report. 

This will give you a point-by-point report of which site page performed best concerning making AdSense pay.

Other important SEO interview questions and answers 

  1. Do you know about the latest updates of the SEO?

Ans – Yes sir, I know about the latest updates of SEO. And let me tell you that the latest updates of SEO are Panda and Penguin.

  1. What do you know about the Panda in SEO?

Ans – Panda update helps to bring the website to the top of search results. In this, we have to write good quality content and add the best quality images and videos on our website. The latest version of the panda was 2.5.3.

  1. What Do You Know About Latest Update In Penguin? 

Ans – On September 5, the Google penguin three has refreshed. Mutt Cutts says it is the new information revive. 0.3% English language has affected. Penguin is the code name of the google calculation.

It was first shown up on April 24, 2012. It’s objective is diminishing the positioning of the site that abuse the Google Webmaster rules. These rules are damaged by utilizing black hat SEO methods like keyword stuffing, shrouding, and so forth. Bunches of copy locales are affected by this update.

At the point when it initially showed up, 3.1% hunt question has changed. Be that as it may, presently, just 0.3% has affected. Still, it is particularly unsafe for SEO. I think the best method is that lone registry accommodation can support you.

It can conquer some harm to your site. Be that as it may, after the entirety of its extremely terrible news for the universe of SEO 

  1. What Is Keyword Stemming? 

Ans – keyword stemming is the way toward discovering the root word from the pursuit question… 

  1. Which Important Factors Makes Off-Page Optimization Better? 

Ans –  In Off-Page Optimization, there are some significant elements like 

  • Index Submission. 
  • Article Submission. 
  • Public statement. 
  • Blog Writing/posting/creation. 
  • Ordered Submission. 
  • Online networking. 
  1. What number of Types Of Meta Tags And Their Characters Limits? 

Ans – Two sorts of meta tags in Seo 

  • Portrayal Meta tag (150 characters limits) 
  • Keyword Meta tag (200 characters limits) 
  1. What number of Seo Techniques Do You Know? 

Ans – There are 3

  • Black hat SEO. 
  • White hat SEO. 
  • Grey hat SEO. 
  1. What Is Black Hat Seo? Furthermore, How Many Techniques Used In It? 

Ans – Black hat SEO is a system in which we use copy issues like content, photos, video, hidden links, keyword stuffing entryway pages, and numerous others. It isn’t useful for our site because when Google begins its slithering, is considered the site is loaded with copy issues, and he punished the site least +30 Google page positioning 

  • Black hat procedures 
  • concealed connection 
  • keyword stuffing 
  • entryway pages 
  • inaccurate keyword 
  • connect cultivating 
  • reflect side 
  1. What Is White Hat Seo? What’s more, How Many Techniques Used In It? 

Ans – White hat SEO is a procedure wherein we used new, an excellent substance in our site. Never used any copy substance in it. It is the best technique to get high positioning on the Search Engine… 

White hat systems 

Quality substance 

Titles and Meta information 

Keyword examines and Effective keyword use. 

Quality inbound connections 

  1. What Is Bookmarking Sites? 

Ans – Bookmarking destinations encourage you to get moment traffic on your site by his incredible internet based life factor. You can without much of a stretch bookmarks this webpage on the list of your top choices, and when it requires, you can tap on this, and you will get this. 

  1. Contrast Between Keyword and Keyword Phrase? 

Ans – The keyword term is mostly worried about a single word term, then again a keyword expression considered as work of at least two word-blends. Accordingly, it is bewildered to get high positioning in the record of a single word keyword term until the only word keyword has a minimal online challenge. Along these lines, this training isn’t urged to utilize. To drive more traffic and top positioning in SERP, it is prescribed to use a keyword state. 

  1. Set up A Difference Between Pr And SERP?

Ans – PR is Page Rank, which is characterized by quality inbound connections from other sites or site pages to a site page or website just as state the significance of that site. 

SERP represents Search Engine Result Page is the position of the site or page that is returned via internet searcher after a hunt question or quality. 

  1. Characterize Alt Tag? 

Ans – The alt property additionally called an alt tag is utilized in XHTML and HTML records in the setting of characterizing alternative content that should be rendered when the component can’t be made to which it is applied.

One incredible element of alt tag is that it is coherent to ‘screen peruser,’ which is a product by methods for which a visually impaired individual can hear this. Moreover, it conveys alternative data for a picture because of some particular explanation, a user can’t see it, for example, in the event of moderate association and a mistake happened in the src quality. 

  1. Would you be able to Define Ad-word? 

Ans – Advertisement word alludes as the first publicizing result of Google, which is useful to make show up your promotions on Google and its accomplice sites, including Google Search.

This current Google’s item offer PPC (Pay Per Click) promoting, which is an essential module, and join a sub module CPC (Cost Per Click) where we offer that rate that will be charged just when users click your commercial.

Each other sub module is CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) publicizing where promoter pays for a thousand impact on the level rate to distributer.

What’s more, it additionally incorporates site focused on promoting pennant, content, and rich-media advertisements. Also, the promotion will show up mainly to those individuals who are as of now searching for such kind of item you are offering just as an offer to pick specific locales with land zone to show your advertisements. 

  1. Clarify Distinct Types Of Seo Practices? 

Ans – Essentially two kinds of SEO are brandishing by – Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO. 

Off-Page SEO is the technique for procuring backlinks from different sites to improve the positioning of the website.

This technique incorporates a different strategy for SEO, including Blog posting, gathering, article accommodation, Press discharge accommodation, ordered, and incidental.

On-Page SEO is the way toward advancing a site that remembers for web page work, for example, composing content, title, portrayal, Alt tags, Meta tags just as guaranteeing website page’s code and structure which can be recorded and slithered via web crawlers appropriately. 

  1. How Might You Know About Your Seo Campaign Whether It Is Working Or Not? 

Ans – As a matter of first importance, I would endeavor to make a hunt on all web search tools utilizing pertinent keywords and essential expressions.

I am enhancing. The investigation of the result will say whether the strategies for enhancement have gained results or lost. I would break down the report routinely as web crawler make refresh and record.

I would endeavor to another part of site measurements, which says about the beginning of traffic. 

  1. Would you be able to Tell Me About Frames In Html? 

Ans – Edges in HTML are evident as they used to segregate the page content into particular sections. Web crawlers treat these edges as completely various pages just as casings likewise have a negative effect on SEO. Along these lines, we ought to maintain a strategic distance from the act of utilizing Frames and execute essential HTML. 

  1. What number of Characters With Space Is Allowed For Title Tag And Meta Description? 

Ans – For Title tag, 10-70 character with space is permitted. Also, For Media’s depiction, the check is 70-160 with space. 

  1. How Is Alt Tag Useful? 

Ans – Necessarily in SEO, the ALT tag is useful for picture depiction. Google can not peruse pictures legitimately. We need to give some portrayal to cause it to comprehend to Google. 

  1. What Is Robot.txt and Why We Use It? 

Ans – Web Robot is known as crawlers, insects. What’s more, robot.txt use to offer directions to these Web robots. Utilizing this record, a site proprietor can square robots to pursue some connection on the site. Ex: User-operator: * Disallow:/Above code implies site proprietor confining all (“*”) to visit entire site(“/”). 

  1. What Is Sitemap? 

Ans – A sitemap is a spot where one can locate every single interior connection of a site. Fundamentally we submit .xml sitemap in website admin devices So that all respects ought to creep via Search motor creepy crawlies. 

  1. What Is Soft 404 Error? 

Ans – Fundamentally 404 blunder comes when the page for which server gets demand not found and afterward server through mistake, which is called 404 error. In any case, when the page for which server get demand not found and afterward server through OK accordingly, then it is called delicate 404 mistakes. 

  1. What Are 301 Or 302 Responses Of Server? 

Ans – 301 and 302 are both used for diverting the one page on another site page. Just distinction is 301 redirection used for Permanent redirect and 302 redirects used for transitory redirection. 

  1. How To Do 301 Or 302 Redirection In Linux As Well As Windows Server? 

Ans – In Linux Server, We can use the ht access record for 301, for example, Lasting redirection just as 302, for instance, Impermanent redirection. In Windows Server, These redirections done by utilizing IIS Redirection. 

Conclusion: Hope, these Seo interview questions will help you to crack the interview, but like many other things we also not perfect. if you think we forgot to mention some important SEO questions then comment down below or contact us. We are always open to suggestions.

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