SendFox Review: Best Email Marketing Tool Under 50$/Lifetime

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SendFox Review: Email marketing is the first marketing method that every marketer loved most to promote and connect with their audience.

Even Pro bloggers know it’s the true value that’s why they spend 4 digit money on email marketing tool every year.

But what if you find a tool to do email marketing with top-notch features for your blog in such an affordable (Price plans will be revealed at below pricing section) price that you can’t neglect it.

So let me introduce SendFox, a revolutionary email marketing tool that is created and launched by a very famous brand on online marketing AppSumo.

Appsumo’s founder Noah mentions they created this tool to cut down their expenses on email marketing campaigns that they are running via other email marketing tools. As we know it costs a lot.

But now thankfully, with their email marketing tool, you can get SendFox lifetime deal in just 49$.

Since Appsumo offers lifetime access to this tool at such a low price, SendFox is currently the most affordable email marketing tool on the planet.

If you also need a reliable email marketing tool at an affordable price with high delivery rate and unlimited emails sending to subscribers then sendfox is the one and only.

Sendfox review

Image by SendFox​

Read this article to the end to learn more about Sendfox, its features, user interface, pricing plans and the benefits that you are going to get from it.

In the end I also added a review section so it can be more helpful.

So, let’s dig in.

What is SendFox

SendFox is an affordable email marketing tool for bloggers, podcasters, marketers and other content creators that lets you set up your own email campaigns, schedule, and automate.them.

SendFox Review: Best Email Marketing Tool Under 50$/LifetimeSendFox Review: Best Email Marketing Tool Under 50$/Lifetime

click here to know more about Senfox

It’s only been around 1 year since SendFox launched but it’s grown quite amazing. 

  • 100,320,069 Emails Delivered
  • 15,774,408 Email Subscribers

Of course by the time you are reading this article these statistics have already changed and grown further.

it’s truly unbelievable that they are growing so rapidly.

SendFox Features

Sendfox’s user interface is so simple and easy that even email marketing beginners don’t have to push themself hard. 

It has so many exciting features that they are going to amaze you. But there are also some things that it lacks. I also mentioned them below so make sure to check them.

Here are all SendFox Features:

RSS Integration – If you own a blog and know what rss is then you are definitely going to love Sendfox’s this feature.

Once you set up this feature it will automatically fetch your latest posts and then you send to your subscribers on automation (as soon as the post is published).

Best way to increase your blog traffic with loyal readers with no efforts.

Smart pages – This is a revolutionary feature that mostly you can’t find in any other email marketing tool.

It creates an email subscription landing page where all your content from the blog, youtube, podcast, newsletter, and social media posts will be shown at one place.

Landing pages & forms – With SendFox email marketing tool, you can not only send emails but also create custom landing pages and sign up forms to capture emails from your site.

These forms can easily integrate with your site via HTML codes. And all the forms are already GDPR compliant so don’t need to worry about anything.

Unlimited emails sending – There is truly another amazing feature that sendfox offers and trust you cannot find this one on any other email marketing tool at such low price point.

With this you send unlimited emails to your subscribers without any restriction or delivery rate issue.

Simple email editor – Have you ever wondered what makes email marketing more efficient.

It is copywriting the way you present words in your email. And SendFox has the most simple yet powerful in-built WYSIWYG email editor.

That lets you customize font, color, text format, and links with mobile-friendliness. 

List building – You can create subscribers contact lists as many as you want without any restrictions, quite exciting, isn’t it.

Auto import from Mailchimp – If you are a Mailchimp user previously and now migrating to SenFox, then there is also a feature that lets you import your subscriber list easily.

All you need to enter your Mailchimp api key and voila! your lists will be imported automatically. [image here]

Automations – This is a very important key aspect in any email marketing tool and hopefully SendFox has it.

With automations you can easily grow and monetize your emails on automation.

Sendfox lets you create various types of automations such as- welcome email series, campaigns based on behavior, campaigns based on time (scheduling).

Analytics & performance tracking – SendFox comes with advanced analytics tools that let you monitor the performance such as- subscription infos,  IP address, email open rate & link clicks, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rate.

sendfox review

Now it’s time to tell you what Senfox email marketing tool lacks

Lack of customization – In every email marketing tool tons of templates and layouts available to make things easy but Sendfox only offers a basic sign form which is not so good looking.

And for the email template, there is no preview option available so every time you have to send a test email to your inbox to check out if everything looks good or not. 

This is the only thing this tool lacks and I found this very important.

But if I think again it can be manageable since you are getting so many amazing features at such an affordable price.

SendFox Pricing

Like I said above SendFox offers lifetime access pricing plans, which is currently going on Appsumo.

On the Appsumo Senfox offer page 3 plans available

sendfox review

Their Tier 1 cost 49$ for lifetime access for 5000 subscribers

The license for Tier 2 plan cost 174$ for 15000 subscribers.

and the Tier 3 plan for 25000 subscribers will cost you only 245$ for lifetime.

Plus, if you ever need to increase subscribers then you do it in your current plan with 10$ for 1000 contacts. Amazing pricing plan isn’t it.

For example, you bought their 49$ plan and then your emails contacts exceed 5000 count then all you need to do is pay 10$ extra for 1000 contacts.

Save 10% on SendFox purchase

If it’s your first time buying something from Appsumo, then there’s an offer. You can save 10% on Sendfox lifetime deal.

All you need to go Appsumo SendFox Deal Page wait for 20 seconds and then a 10% offer will appear.

sendfox review

NOTE: if nothing appears then try this on incognito mode.

Enter your email id and after a short time you will get a 10% offer activation confirmation email. Now just buy with the same email that you entered for the offer and at the payment page 10% offer applicable.

Means you can save upto 24$ if you buy the Tier 3 plan for 25000 subscribers.

SendFox Free Goodies with Lifetime Deals

SendFox is a new player in email marketing so they are even giving many free things with their lifetime deals.

Like, when you purchase their any plan then you will get extra free contacts limits and then if when you send your email campaign to the list you will unlock more free contacts.

In my case I bought their 49$ tier 1 plan, but I got more 2000 contacts in the plan and when I set up email form for my blog, then send first email campaign to subscribers. I unlocked another 1000 free contacts. 

5000 plan+2000 free contacts+1000 more free contacts= 8000 contacts in just 49$ for lifetime.

sendfox review

And this not end they even send some tasks in their emails and if you perform them you will unlock more free contacts.

SendFox Customer Support & Refund Policy

Sendfox has amazing customer support, if you need help in setup, facing errors or something bothering you, just tap on the chat icon on the bottom right section of your screen and then sendfox customer support will help you.

If by anything you don’t like the SendFox email marketing tool then you can ask for a refund. Appsumo offers a 60 days money-back guarantee on all their deals including SendFox without asking any question.

Just tell customer support for a refund by chat or email then they will initiate refund as soon as possible.

Here’s what people Say about SendFox

sendfox reviewsendfox reviewsendfox review

Last Words

If you are searching for simple yet powerful with beginner friendly email marketing without causing so much money then SendFox is definitely best for you.

And why spending 20, 30 or 40$ for monthly subscription you can get a lifetime deal on SendFox.

SendFox is clearly the most affordable email marketing tool on the planet and since it comes from Appsumo family we can assume in the future we will get more features in it.

In my last words on this article I strongly recommend you should go for Sendfox without a second thought and who knows when Appsumo will increase it’s price. 

So act now and start your own email marketing. Trust me it is the best marketing method.

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  1. Hi, Basant

    This is interesting and looks promising

    I’m currently using the mailchimp on my New blog but their plan upgrade is way too high

    So i will opt for the Sendfox. Their prices are cheaper and affordable.

    Thanks one more for sharing this, Basant

    • Yes, sendfox is definitely the lifesaver… And have amazing features in such affordable price.

      It’s my 3rd month of using it and am very happy from its performance…

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