SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz: Which is Best SEO Tool to Grow Website Traffic

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SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz: when we think about SEO tools for doing Keyword Research, site audit, backlinks analysis, or Competitor analysis then three big names come in our mind: SEMrush, Ahrefs & Moz. 

But the question is, which one is the best SEO tool between them. 

Or which one provides the better value of money and helps to grow your website traffic.

Because in the end, our main objective is to invest in these tools to grow our website traffic and authority.

That’s why we decided to create this article to find out the best SEO tools in these three.

best seo tools

image source- Databox

What you will get in this article

  • An In-depth review: Features, Ratings and pricing of these tools
  • Detailed In Depth comparison between these 3
  • Winner: which is the best seo tool
  • And a Bonus step by step guide- How to use that winning seo tool for writing blog posts and increase authority or  website traffic

So, let me begin this ultimate comparison!

SEMrush Review

Have you heard about this SEO tool, of course, you did that’s why you are reading this article.

But in case you don’t or a newbie then here’s what is SEMrush.

SEO is getting complicated day after day, google is hardening it’s algorithms and the only way to stay with pace is using an SEO tool. That’s where SEMrush does its magic.

SEMrush is an All in One Seo tool suite that any blogger needs, it makes SEO easy and understanding.

With the help of SEMrush, you can analyze your post or website- what it lacks and what you need to do to beat your Competitor in rankings.

It has a huge database that contains (as from SEMrush official website)

  • 5 million users
  • 142 geographic databases
  • 19.8 billion keywords and upto 20 million ideas for single keyword
  • 777 million domains
  • 500TB of raw website traffic data for 190 countries and regions (1Billion events analyze per day)
  • 29.1 trillion backlinks (17.8B URLs crawled per day)
  • 277 million display ads
  • 1 billion+ Google Ads

best seo tools- semrush

image source: SEMrush

It also has a feature for google algorithms updates so no worries about it. Every time a core update comes this feature monitor and let you know the improvements you should make in your blog/website.

Isn’t that great!.

But wait, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are still many exciting features that will amaze you.

So, let’s head towards SEMrush amazing features…

Semrush: Key Features

Like, I said SEMrush is an all in one SEO suite of different tools/features. 

Even though you don’t need to use every tool for your success.

Your main objective here to fulfil your SEO goal and track the results. And by finding, which tools or features help you to get towards your SEO goal will make work easier.😊

For better understanding, SEMrush divided their features in 4 sections. And I will also introduce the features in that term.

Project Tools

Site Audit: The most effective tool to improve your rankings in search engines.

with the help of SEMrush site audit tool, you can scan your entire site including posts and then it will show all errors that your site facing 

This tool will show the methods so you can correct those errors and improve.

And when your site is free of errors, it will automatically start to rank higher on Google.

After creating your site project, this tool sends your site audit status every month.

Organic Traffic Insights: Another great feature of SEMrush is organic traffic insights which let you know which keywords bringing traffic to your site and their rankings in google.

And even how much those keyword’s jump up or went down.

All you have to do is connect your SEMrush account with your site’s google analytics and search console and let this feature do it’s magic.

Position Tracking: It’s quite possible you created a fresh new site or already have an old one. And want to check your keywords rankings position on google.

Then this tool fulfills this job.

With Position Tracking, you can monitor article keywords in search engine positions for anywhere national, region or even local.

That’s not enough, you can also monitor your competitor’s keyword and even compare their ranking positions with your keywords position in a side by side view.

It still has many features like discovering local Competitors, group keywords with tags and target different devices.

Post Tracking: well, this is another amazing tool from SEMrush that I personally like most. 

It is really helpful when creating a guest posting strategy.

Sometimes it’s most difficult to take record of performance for every post that you publish on different sites.

That’s where this tool comes into play. 

Post tracking measures the every post that you published outside of your blog, track their social shares, how many backlinks that post got and even how much referral traffic you are getting from that guest post.

Isn’t that great, what else you can want from a SEO tool.

On Page SEO checker: with the help of complete structured to do list, this tool can improve post’s quality which determine the factors of top google rankings.

This tool also offers in depth comparison data for Google’s top 10 Competitors.

Such as,

  • Semantically-Related words and phrases which you can use to enrich your content.
  • Backlinks and additional referral traffic opportunities.
  • Content’s Length compared to your 10-top ranking rivals.
  • Keyword Usage for your post compared to ranking Competitors

Brand Monitor: With Brand Monitoring tool you can easily monitor your or your Competitor’s brand mention.

Not just brand mentions but referral traffic, mention sentiment, reach even PR effectiveness.

Content Audit: This tool conducts an audit on your site pages to check their quality and which one needs improvements to stay ranked high in SERP.

Content audit can analyze upto 20,000 pages of your site at once and can show you all the Content that needs updation.

Backlink Audit Tool: Analyzing site’s backlinks is also an important task. 

By analyzing backlinks you can find toxic and spam links that are harming your site and then disavow them. Otherwise Google can penalize your site.

But checking your backlinks and finding toxic links regularly can be a hard task. Hopefully, there is also a tool in SEMrush for this “Backlink Audit”.

Which will automatically Analyze your backlinks on regular basis once you add your site as a project on SEMrush account.

Then whenever it finds a spammy or toxic backlink it will inform you. 

And then you disavow them from the search console.

That way your site will be clean always.

Link Building Tool: Link building was never so easy after using this revolutionary tool from SEMrush.

With the help of link building tools, you can strategize outreach campaigns and find new opportunities for creating backlinks from scratch.

This tool also keeps records for campaigns and how many outreaches actually turned into a backlink.

With this single tool, you can find new opportunities for link building, get contact information for those sites, manage them, turn those opportunities into backlinks and monitor your campaign process. 

By just this single tool, isn’t this awesome!

That’s why I said, making backlinks was never so easy before this tool.

Social Media Poster & Tracker Tool: SEMrush also offers a tool for social media marketers. 

Where you can publish posts for different social medias, schedule them and analyze stats.

Also track your Competitors, their followers, posts engagements, hashtags and which posts getting most engagements. 

SEMrush’s social media tool even helps in managing Facebook ads.

Quickly finds what is lacking your ads and will show you the ways to Optimize campaigns and ad spends.

Ad Builder: SEMrush is also a great tool when it comes about Google Ads.

Their ad builder tool helps to you find out ideas for your ad creatives and use them as a template, 

Research what your competitors are doing and how other advertisers promote products and services in the same niches.

It also helps to create responsive html ads for display ad campaigns.

PPC Keyword Tool: Most amazing tool of SEMrush for paid ads.

PPC tool helps to select the keywords based on CPC, volume and other important metrics.

With this you can build the best performing Keywords list, Optimize them and even can set negative keywords.

Learn more about SEMrush’s PPC tool here

Common Tools

Traffic Jet: A premium paid way to get traffic from different sources with the help of traffic Jet. Best tool for boosting traffic in just few clicks.

Keyword Magic Tool: Best tool in the market to get millions of keyword suggestions in few clicks.

All you need to just enter your seed Keywords that you want to rank for, choose the country where you want to rank and let the keyword magic tool do his work.

In just a few seconds, you will get all keyword suggestions list related to seed Keyword.

You can even check metrics for better understanding about keywords.


  • Search Volume
  • Trend
  • CPC (cost per click)
  • Click potential (the % of clicks it get, if ranked under top 20)
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Top Competitors

Keyword Difficulty: A metric to determine the difficulty of a particular keyword by SEMrush.

Domain vs Domain: Side by side comparison between domains to analyze their data with charts and visualization.

Charts: Best way to analyze your site’s data, campaigns, PPC to Competitors with the help of charts. Easy to understand and illustrate

My Report Tool: Organize and See all your or customer’s site data at one place. Even export as PDF.

CPC Map: An amazing feature to check CPC with the volume of particular keywords in different countries or regions.

SEO Writing Assistant: Truly revolutionary tool to help writers to create a good piece of content which is highly SEO Optimized and makes readers happy.

With the help of this amazing tool you can Optimize content for user intent as well as search engines.

It has also a plagiarism checker in it, so every time you use this tool, will create a unique content.

And the best part of this tool, you can use outside of SEMrush on multiple famous platforms like Google docs and WordPress as plugin integration.

Topic Research Tool: Best way to find fresh new topic ideas which is engaging to your audience.

This tool allows you to find the most popular topics, most engaging headlines, popular Questions that people are asking related to your niche and help to do content gap Analysis means making a content creation plan.

Listing Management Tool: Amazing tool to boost your local SEO strategy via business listings.

Oppty: With the help of SEMrush big database, this tool helps to generate leads for marketing agencies and freelancers.

You can find lead opportunities based on location, trends and business niche.

Log File Analyzer: This tool provides almost accurate information which helps to understand how search engines interact and crawl sites.

Analytic Tools

Domain Overview: Check a domain’s all report in one place.

This tool is a set of reports that helps to get a quick review on a domain’s Keywords, backlinks, authority, traffic, ranking positions and top competitors.

Everything at one place.


Market Explorer: Using this tool you can get many important information about any market or niche that you want to enter.


  • Leaders in the market, established players, game changers and big niche players.
  • Their annual growth rates
  • Cost to enter this market and the chances to succeed in this market/niche.

Traffic Analytics: Analyze the sources from where your or Competitors site getting traffic.

Check top traffic generating pages Country wise, is it coming from mobile or desktop users and find more about traffic.

Organic Research: Find Out which Keywords ranking top 100 in google and driving most traffic to your site.

Check the Competitors who are also ranking on the same keywords.

I can assure you, this is the best tool when it comes to know about Competitor’s organic traffic Analysis.

Backlink Gap Analysis: As a beginner find new backlinks opportunities related to your niche just in few clicks.

Analyze upto 5 Competitors to check out their backlinks for finding new link building prospects.

Perform deep link Analysis, check any backlink profile and based on referring domains measure a domain’s power.

With the help of backlink Analysis tool you can filter backlinks as their types and spot the link based on geolocation.

This tool makes your link building process so easy that you never imagined.

Advertising Research: With the help of SEMrush, you not only can organic research but also advertising research of your competitors.

All this happens due to the massive SEMrush database.

This tool uncover competitors’ paid search strategy and help you to analyze their ad budget and keywords, Copy ad pages and avoid their PPC mistakes.

Display Advertising Tool: Market’s best tool to monitor and Analyze competitor’s display ads strategies.

Not even just monitor, SEMrush database also helps to target the right audience with audience insights. So, you can get best performance out of your GDN campaigns.

Product Listing Ads (PLA) Research: Here comes my tool in advertising, Product Listing Ads.

As an e-commerce marketer, it is very beneficial for me to monitor and Analyze Competitor’s google shopping ads. So I can stay ahead of the pace and get the best results.

With the help of this tool, you can too (as an e-com owner/marketer Analyze Competitor’s PLA, find top advertisers in google shopping in your niche, view top keywords that are triggering sales.

Solution Providing Tools

Keyword Research Toolkit: An amazing step by step keyword research tool, where you can masterlist of keywords and filter them according to your desire. 

It works similarly like keyword magic tool.

You can know more about Keyword Research Toolkit here

Content Marketing: with the help of this SEMrush Content Platform, you can boost your content marketing campaigns. 

This tool helps you in,

  • Finding topics
  • Creating content plan
  • Get a template for SEO friendly content writing
  • Optimizing the Content
  • Analyzing mentions
  • Measuring your content engagements
  • And if you have any errors then help to improve it.

Social Media Marketing: SEMrush also offers an all in one social media tool for marketers.

In which you can publish and schedule posts for cross social media platforms.

Even Analyze your Competitor’s posts, copy their hashtags and which posts getting most engagements.

Monetize Your Audience: SEMrush even makes your monetization work easier with this toolkit.

A powerful and effective combination of tools for bloggers, affiliate marketers and Adsense publishers.

With this tool you can,

  • Find most profitable niche with CPC mao
  • Increase your organic traffic via On page SEO checker
  • Create good content with SEO writing assistant
  • Analyze Competitor’s blog


These are famous software/reviewing sites, where users left their unbiased reviews,

GetApp-  4.62 out of 5 (910 reviews)

G2-  4.5 out of 5 (746 reviews)

Trustpilot- 4 out of 5 (90 reviews)

Capterra-  4.6 out of 5 (900+ reviews)

Trustradius-  8.6 out of 10 (271 reviews)

Ahrefs review

Back in the early days, Ahrefs was just a link Analysis tool but with time and demand it became an All in One SEO Toolkit.

It is considered the best Competitor research tool, which has the biggest backlinks database than any other SEO tool in the market.

Yes, even bigger than SEMrush.

Every minute they crawl about 5 million pages,

best seo tools- ahrefs

But according to Brain Dean’s (founder of Backlinko) test on which SEO tool finds new links faster.

He found that Ahrefs takes 4 days for crawl new links but Moz took 1 day, Majestic 2 and SEMrush took 18 days.

best seo tool backlink-checker

Source: image taken from Backlinko

Ahrefs and SEMrush have similar tools in their kit. But if we talk about user experience, it is very easy and handy with Ahrefs.

That’s why many pro industry experts using Ahrefs.

Now let’s dive into its feature one by one!


Site Explorer: A simple but most informational feature of Ahrefs that lets you know all major things of a site.

Which is,

Ahrefs rank- it is determined by organic traffic the site is getting and it’s better than alexa.

UR (url rating)- It shows the url rating for page url of the site, which is determined by how many backlinks it is getting.

DR (domain rating)- Means Domain Authority of the site and it’s determined by the number of referring domains that are pointing to the site.

And like I said above Ahrefs backlink index database is bigger than any other SEO tool so Ahrefs DR is more accurate.

Backlinks: Number of backlinks that are linking to the site

Referring Domains: Total number of domains pointing to the site.

Organic Keywords: All the keywords that are ranking for the site.

Organic Traffic: It shows how much traffic site getting from Google and other search engines.

Paid Traffic: If the site owner is running paid ads and getting traffic then it will show here.

Graphs: Below these you can see graphs showing backlinks and referring domains and their improvements over the time.

And by watching these graphs you can instantly find that the site’s backlink profile is good or poor.

Then side of the backlink profile, there is Organic search tab which shows Organic traffic and keywords graph, where you can spot how much keyword ranking and organic traffic site acquired over the time.

Backlinks Profile: On the left side of this information, you can see a menu of different options and features.

By clicking on those features you will get more advanced information about the site.

One of those features is Backlinks Profile.

For example by clicking on backlinks profile, you will get more specific details about backlinks that are linked, new links, lost links and even broken links.

You can filter by backlinks using metrics like link type, 

Click on link type and many options scroll down,

No follow link- by selecting this filter, only no follow backlinks will showed

Do follow links- using this filter only dofollow backlinks appear for the site.

Content- show links that are in the middle of content. These type of backlinks Usually made by Guest post strategies or people intentionally link to them.

UGC- These are user generated backlinks, mostly made by Commenting on other sides.

Gov or Edu links- show backlinks that are only made on government sites or education sites. These type of backlinks have more authority.

On clicking referring domains on the menu side, you can view all domains that are pointing to the site.

For more information you can check their DR, UR and anchor texts on backlink build.

Organic Search: Another great feature of Ahrefs for Competitor research.

Its feature is so useful that in just few clicks you can find your Competitor’s all top seo keywords.

Ahrefs will show all the organic keywords that you Competitors are ranking.

And of course like Backlink tool filters, Organic search tool also has its own sorting and filter to find out best performing Keywords of your competitors. Which is damn easy to use.

You can use filters,

Position- use this filter to find out their top rankings keyword in the google. 

Suppose, I want to see their all keywords that are ranking in under 10 position then I will set it maximum for 10.

Then it will show me all keywords ranking under 10 SERPs.

If you set 10 for minimum then it will show keywords that are ranking after 10 positions.

Word include/exclude- With their word include filter, you can find any keyword that is matching to your entered keyword.

For example, in one of my to Competitor’s organic keywords, I want to see keywords just related to Laptop.

So, I chose “Include word” filter and typed “Laptop”, set it to any. And hit enter.

Now Ahrefs this feature only showing me all keywords that are matching to Laptop word.

If I decide to exclude the filter, then it will show all keywords that don’t have laptop word in it.

Isn’t this great!

Volume- You can even find keywords with desired search volume from your Competitors ranking keywords. Set it to what is in your mind and see the magic!

KD (Keyword Difficulty)- This filter helps in to find out keywords with specific keyword difficulty.

Set it 5 for max, then all keywords with difficulty 5 or below will appear in the list.

CPC- Will show keywords with a certain CPC that you typed in the filter.

Word Count- Set this to a number of word count then all keyword will appear that have at least that number of words in it.

Best for finding long tail keywords from your Competitor’s organic keywords.

 Top Pages: There are also some unique features in this Organic search tool and one of the is Top Pages, available on the left side in menu.

It will show you the top pages of Competitor that are getting most organic traffic for him.

Competing Domains: This will show a site’s main Competitors.

And the best way to find Competitors for your site so you can research their backlinks and keywords.

Content Gap: This feature helps you to find out the keywords that you are not rankings but Competitors are. 

After knowing this, you can create or improve your content for these missing keywords and start ranking.

Pages: Next amazing feature of Ahrefs is pages, where you can check you Competitors top pages,

Best by link- All the pages that have most backlinks

Best by shares- Pages that got most shares and social engagements.

This way you can also create contents that are easy to loved by social media.

Outbound Links: Below pages there is outbound links feature that will show all the domains that a site is linking.

To make this feature to the next level, ahrefs also offer anchors and broken links.

This way you can easily find broken links of your Competitors and then outreach backlink providers for your site content.

My most favorite backlink strategy!😍

Paid Search: Next and last feature of Ahrefs site Explorer tool is for checking Competitor’s paid ads. But this is not as good as SEMrush Advertising Research Tool.

PPC Keywords- With this you can monitor their all keywords that they are using for running ads.

Then again you can use filters to sort out the like we do in Organic keyword research.

Ads- With this you can spy all the ads they ran until now and see which one performing best. Then you copy that for yourself.👍

Best feature if you decided to invest in paid advertising.

But I suggest more to choose SEMrush as they are offering more than Ahrefs.

Content Explorer: Have you heard of Buzzsumo? 

They are famous for their Content Discovery feature and they charge 99$ for that.

But Ahrefs have pretty similar tool like Buzzsumo has, called Content Explorer in their toolkit.

Content Explorer alone is so powerful that with the help of this tool you can find top shared and trending topics in any niche.

You can even filter appeared results in terms of publish date, language, shares, domain rating, referring domains, organic traffic and word count.

By using language filter you can easily find Trending content other than in english language.

Or my favorite filter referring domain helps in finding the Content topic that is trending + getting more backlinks from other domains. 

Best tool way to find out content ideas that can possibly be viral😉

Keyword Explorer: Next tool in Ahrefs toolkit is their famous Keyword Explorer.

Alone with this tool, you can find any keyword’s search volume, relevant keywords, their keyword difficulty, CPC, parent topic, related long tail keywords and even how much backlinks you need to rank for that keyword in Google’s top 10 SERP.

Plus, on the left side menu under this tool, you are more amazing features that make your research even more easier.

Here they are,

All- Will show all keyword ideas that are related to seed keyword.

Phase Match- Search all keyword data with the exact same match of seed keyword that you typed in the search bar.

Having Same Terms- Show keywords list that have your searched keyword in the middle of them.

Also Ranked For- This will show the related keywords that are also ranking for seed keyword.

Search Suggestion- It most likely like Google’s auto suggest feature that we use daily in google by searching something 😁

Traffic Share- These will show the %age of traffic that Google’s top 10 rankings getting for the seed keyword.

You can use filters to sort your keyword list they are same filters that we used on Organic search tool.

Like SEMrush, Ahrefs also have project tools like Rank tracker, Domain Comparison and backlink profile etc.


GetApp-  4.77 out of 5 (211 reviews)

G2- 4.6 out of 5 stars (247 reviews)

Trustpilot- 3.8 out of 5 (39 reviews)

Capterra- 4.8 out 0f 5 (211 reviews)

Trustradius- 9.1 out of 10 (141 reviews)

Moz review

Just like SEMrush and Ahrefs, Moz is also an SEO Toolkit. This tool was founded in 2004 and previously known as SeoMoz.

It’s user interface is so easy to use that even a newbie can understand it in just few days of playing with it.

Let’s countdown the features of Moz.


Keyword Explorer: Moz has a high database of Keywords and by accessing that you can easily find the top keywords list and SERP Analysis for the top domains that are already ranking in top positions.

Check their volume, difficultly, CTR %, Priority Score, export list and filter etc.

SEO Audit & Crawl: With Moz’s seo audit, you can easily find errors your site is facing and fastly take steps to improve those critical errors so the site can start ranking on higher Positions in Google.

And after creating your site project in the tool, Moz pro will automatically send you audit errors on weekly basis.

Link Explorer: Just like SEMrush and Ahrefs backlink tool, Moz link Explorer is a similar tool.

You can use this to find backlink building opportunities, check domain’s DA (domain authority), overview Competitor’s performance and even track your strategies.

This tool is known as one of most trusted backlink tool in the industry.

Rank Tracking: By this tool you can track desktop rankings across the top search engines in 200+ countries. Compare your Competitor’s rankings and see what’s working for them so you do the same.

Moz Bar: An seo bar that shows metrics. Like Dofollow or Nofollow link type, DA, PA, and Spam Score of the a site’s page

Moz also offer some tools for Local Marketing that can help you to boost local SEO rankings.

Local Marketing Tools,

  • Business listing audits
  • Citation cleanup
  • Local ranking factors


GetApp-  4.44/5 (263 reviews)

G2- 4.4 out of 5 stars (296 reviews)

Trustpilot- 3.6 out of 5 (32 reviews)

Capterra- 4.4 out 0f 5 (260+ reviews)

Trustradius- 8.3 out of 10 (268 reviews)

SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz: Keyword Research comparison

Let’s find out which SEO tool in between these three is best for keyword research.

SEMrush- Keyword Magic Tool

It’s the Best tool in the market to get millions of keyword suggestions in a few clicks.

All you need to do is enter your seed Keywords that you want to rank for, choose the country where you want to rank and let the keyword magic tool do his work.

In just a few seconds, you will get all keyword suggestions listed related to seed Keywords.

You can even check metrics for better understanding about keywords.


  • Search Volume
  • Trend
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • CPC (cost per click)
  • Competitive Density (for PPC campaigns)
  • SF (Search Features)
  • Top Competitors

best seo tool for keyword research - semrush

Let’s understand with an example,

I entered my seed Keyword “best SEO Tool” and chose the country United States. In just a few seconds the keywords list appeared.

On the top, I can choose variations for the research like All type keywords or just question type keywords, then beside them is board match, phrase match, exact match, or related.

By clicking on “Advanced Filters” I can find my desired keyword list. Like low KD keywords or which keywords search volume is above 10,000.

Below this variation bar number of all keywords, their in total search volume and average KD showing. Turelt an easy way to show the data just in a line.

On the left side of the keyword list, this tool shows a keyword list with certain words like “free, audit, analysis” and the total volume of that certain word.

And by clicking on a particular keyword, I can check top 10 ranking competitors for that keyword on Google.

And from here, I can perform an in-depth competitor analysis on these top 10 ranking sites for my seed Keyword by clicking one by one on them.

Truly easy and understandable, I mean what else you want to know in Keyword Research.

Ahrefs- Keyword Explorer

Let’s continue our keyword research with the same seed keyword “best SEO tool” in Ahrefs.

Ahrefs keyword explorer offers many options for which platform you want to do keyword research for google, youtube, amazon, yahoo, bing or yandex. (An easy way to start, I used default settings-  google, country- United states)

best seo tool for keyword research - ahrefs

On the result page, I can see keyword difficulty, Volume, Clicks, CPC and Global volume for my seed keyword.

Below that is,  Parent topic details and number ranking website in google.

Scrolling below, getting a glimpse on more keywords ideas on the basis of “Having Same Terms, Question, Also Rank for, Newly Discovered”

best seo tool for keyword research - ahrefs

For getting more keywords on these basis, I have to click on the left side menu options, below keyword ideas.

If I scroll more, SERP position history is showing, top 5 ranking websites graph. Here I can check these sites ranking performance on google for overall time.

Below this section Top 10 ranking competitors are showing.

And from here, I can perform an in depth competitor analysis on these top 10 ranking sites for my seed Keyword, like their DR, PR (domain rating & page rating), how many Backlinks & referring domains linking to them in order to rank under 10  for that keyword.

And by clicking on their links, I can even see their content for more understanding on the topic and user intent.

Moz Pro- Keyword Explorer

What Moz pro offers for the same seed keyword, let’s checkout!

Moz is showing very little data for my seed keyword, I mean apart from different data from Semrush and Ahrefs.

There is no option for CPC, Global Volume, and keyword variations like Exact match, phrase match, Question keywords that we have in SEMrush & Ahrefs.

best seo tool for keyword research - moz

Of Course, their UI is easiest in between 3, all you can see are more keyword suggestions but not in different variations and SERP analysis of competing websites.

Winner & Why

And the winner for Best Keyword Research tool is SEMrush.

Ahrefs is also a good SEO tool for keyword list results and you can even get most out of it in terms of competitor analysis. 

But SEMrush has deeper features than ahrefs.

When it comes to Keyword research SEmrush way ahead and has features like more keyword variations, easy understanding keywords list and most important PPC keyword option for paid advertisers.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz: Technical Seo/Site audit comparison

Let’s see which one is best in SEO Audit.

SEMush- Site Audit

This is the most effective tool to improve your rankings in search engines.

With the help of the SEMrush site audit tool, you can scan your entire site including posts/pages and then it will show all errors that your site is facing.

  • Page crawl errors
  • Broken links
  • Robots.txt issues
  • HTTP status code errors
  • Noindex follow page
  • 3XX redirects
  • 404 pages
  • Redirects
  • Noindex pages
  • 4XX pages

Apart from these errors this tool also gives internal links redistribution report of your site, pretty cool isn’t it.

This tool will show the methods so you can correct those errors and improve.

And when your site is free of errors, it will automatically start to rank higher on Google.

After creating your site project, this tool sends your site audit status every month.

Ahrefs- Site Audit

Like Semrush site audit, this tool also helps to analyze a site and find technical, user experience, and SEO issues.

And after a successful audit, it gives a health (out of 100)  score to your site. The more score a site gets, the better that site is.

Errors that you can after a site audit,

  • Nofollow and Dofollow incoming internal links
  • Https error
  • Meta description tag missing
  • Redirect chain
  • 3xx errors on organic traffic pages
  • 3xx missing i9n sitemap
  • 404 error
  • 4xx page errors
  • Broken links
  • Timeout errors
  • Title tag errors
  • Etc….

Even provide performance breakdown and page speed related problems.

It’s not showing errors, but also the methods and solutions to solve those errors. And once you add a site as a project, it runs automatically.

Moz- Site Audit

Moz Pro’s audit is also quite good in spotting errors but the only problem I found here is that it will not show the solutions to solve them. You have to find solutions all by himself.

Winner & Why

Like the keyword research round, this round also wins SEMrush,

From finding errors in your site to recommending solutions on solving those errors and sending reports every month to your mail, this tool fills every missing gap.

Plus with Semrush’s site audit, you can find many more areas of your site for improvements.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz: Backlinks Analysis comparison

Backlink Tool Comparison,

SEMrush- Backlinks Analytics

To start backlink analysis with Semrush, just type site URL and select “Backlinks Analytics” and hit enter.

best seo tool for backlinks analysis- semrush

Very soon the whole overview report of backlinks data will appear,

But It’s showing my historical backlinks total number, not the updated. Really upset that Semrush data is not updated and accurate like Ahrefs Backlinks data.

best seo tool for backlinks analysis- semrush

You can filter this report on the basis of,

  • Backlinks
  • Anchors
  • Referring Domains
  • Referring IPs
  • Indexed Pages
  • Competitors

Below these filters, Authority score for the site, their total referring domains, total backlinks, monthly visits and total keywords ranking on Google are shown.

You can even add 3 competitor domains for comparing the backlinks data.

After this data, Graphs & metrics are shown for,

  • Referring domains
  • backlinks
  • category of referring domains
  • Top Anchor texts
  • Referring Domains by authority score
  • Backlink types & link attribute
  • TLD distribution
  • Top countries
  • Link profile distribution
  • Top pages

best seo tool for backlinks analysis- semrush

And every graph, below is the “view full report” button. By clicking on this button, I can get more information regarding that Graph metric.

Incredibly awesome way to show the data!

Ahrefs- BacklinkProfile Analyzer

Like I said above in Ahrefs review, their backlink index is the biggest after Google in the globe. 

To begin backlink analysis, just enter the site’s URL on the search bar and click on “Backlink Profile>Backlinks” on the left side menu.

best seo tool for backlinks analysis- ahrefs

You can even filter appeared backlinks list on the basis of,

  • Grouping similar links
  • One link per domain display
  • Link type – Dofollow/Nofollow, redirect, UGC, Content, Gov, Edu, and with or without redirect chain
  • Platforms – Blogs, Ecommerce, Message boards etc.
  • Language
  • Traffic

Below these filter, Backlinks all details available like,

  • Referring Page
  • DR & PR of the backlink URLs
  • Referring domains
  • Total no. of Linked domains to that particular referring domain
  • Total no. of external links on that referring page
  • Traffic- that referring page is getting on monthly basis
  • Keywords- available on the referring page
  • Anchor text & Backlink type
  • First seen & Last check

To make efforts easier, you can select “Backlink Profile>New/Lost” on the menu to check out newly made links or lost backlinks. And with this, you can even spy on your competitors.

Below them is “Broken”, which is a very helpful option when you are working on a broken link building strategy.

Trust me Ahrefs backlink profile User interface is easiest in the world, even a newbie can understand in a few hours.

Moz Pro- Link Explorer

Go to “Link Explorer”, type site URL, and hit the analyze button.

best seo tool for backlinks analysis- moz

Comparing this report with Somrush and Ahrefs backlinks report, one thing is clear- data is not fully accurate.

Semrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz Pro- backlink index comparision

Top-Semrush, Middle- Ahrefs, Last at bottom- moz Pro

But still, I can perform backlink analysis on available data, so let do and see what we can find!

The report showing data- DA of the site domain, linking domains, inbound links, and ranking keywords. Below these metrics quick downloads available for export .csv filter reports.

And below this some graphs available to a quick glimpse on the backlinks data.

On the left side menu, showing options, I can filter this report on the basis of,

  • Inbound links
  • Linking domains
  • Anchor text 
  • Top pages
  • Newly discovered and lost links
  • Spam Score

But all these things we can find in Semrush and Ahrefs, plus more accurate and reliable. 

So I prefer those 2 than Moz.

Winner & Why

Without a doubt, with an easy to use user interface and competitive backlink analysis tool, this round wins Ahrefs.

Ahrefs has the biggest backlinks database after Google, which means more informational and accurate data. 

On the other hand, Semrush’s backlink tool is also quite amazing, you can do almost anything that you can do with Ahrefs backlink tool, but as a newbie, it’s hard to understand the data on first hand.

That’s why the winner is Ahrefs.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz: SERPs Tracking comparison

SEMrush- Position tracking

By entering your site as a project on Semrush, this tool starts working.

You can even enter keywords and competitors when it will show you the report of ranking positions of keywords- how much they gained ranking or lost than the previous time.

And it’s accuracy data is also quite reliable.

You can filter the report on the term like- location and device etc

Plus this tool also sends tracking reports every 15 days to your email. So you don’t need to check it daily.

Ahrefs- Rank tracker

Put your keywords on Ahrefs rank tracker and it will show their accurate ranking on google. This tool provides data from 170 countries.

And just like SEMrush, it shows how much the keyword gained or lost rank over time.

Moz Pro- Rank tracker

With the Moz rank tracker, you can get the report of rankings on major search engines in 200 countries.

Then you can filter out tracking reports on the basis of search engines and in a  particular country.

Quite impressive on the filters.

Winner & Why

The winner is SEMrush, it’s position tracking tool is way more advanced than Ahrefs or Moz.

It even sends reports on every 15 days consisting data,

  • Visibility change in Google, comparing with your competitors
  • Traffic report, compared with competitors
  • Top Keywords position updates
  • Top landing pages

best seo tool email reports

And by clicking “view full report”, you can always access more details straight from your email.

Plus SEmrush even launched its official position tracking app for android and IOS.

You can also install that app to stay updated for position tracking.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz: Competitor Analysis comparison

Competitor Analysis using SEMrush

With SEMrush, you can do competitor analysis in such a way that you can find everything about your competing domains.


  • Their authority, monthly traffic, organic traffic and keywords
  • High CPC keywords
  • Top ranking keywords and how much they generating the traffic for the site
  • Everything about their backlinks- referring domains, link type, link’s authority and strategy behind it
  • Social media engagements and most shared contents
  • Paid advertisements
  • Top PPC keywords
  • Plus many more amazing things

Competitor Analysis using Ahrefs

Using Ahrefs, you can also do an in-depth analysis of your competitors.

You can view all the data that you can get in SEMrush, but the thing that makes competitor analysis more easy and effective with Ahrefs is their easy to use user interface and more reliable accurate data.

As we know Ahrefs crawler is the second most active crawler after Google.

Yes, it even beat Yahoo, bing, and SEMrush.

Competitor Analysis using Moz

Moz is also a pretty impressive SEO tool for competitor analysis.

In Moz, you can find our true SEO competitors, their top keywords, traffic-generating content topics, their backlinks, and what you can do to beat them.

But definitely Moz Pro is not as good as Ahrefs.

Winner & Why

This round wins also Ahrefs,

Their database is bigger and provides more accurate reports. When it comes to Competitor analysis accurate data is more important than anything else.

And Ahrefs is king in this field.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz: Pricing comparison

Now let’s perform our last comparison on pricing and see how much value we are getting for our money.

SEMrush Pricing

With Semrush you are getting more than 40 advanced SEO tool kits. Most tools in the market at valuable pricing. Every tool has its unique abilities.

Semrush Offers 3 plans



$99 .95 /mon


$199 .95 /mon


$399 .95 /mon

Results per day

10 000

30 000

50 000

Reports per day

3 000

5 000

8 000

Keyword metrics updates per month




Historical data




Product Listing Ads








Keywords to track (with daily updates)




Pages to crawl per month

1 00 000

3 00 000

1 000 000

Pages to crawl per project

20 000

20 000

1 00 000

Social profiles for monitoring




Social profiles for posting




Scheduled PDF reports




Get all details on Plans & Pricing- here

And when we choose to pay on an annual basis then get a 16% discount on every plan and pricing down to 83.28$ for pro pack.

semrush pricing

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs offers 4 pricing plans,










User seats 










Tracked keywords





Update frequency 

7 days

5 days

3 days

3 days

Mobile ranking





Crawl credits per month

10 000

5 00 000

1.25 million

2.5 million


Domains per week 





URLs per week



14 000

35 000

Backlink index

Live index 





Historical indec





Link intersect, rows per report


30 0000

50 000

100 000

Keyword positions

Top 20

Top 100

Top 100

Top 100

Competing pages / domains

Top 10

Top 50

Top 50

Top 50

Keywords lists





SERP updates per month




20 000

Get full information on Ahrefs pricing and plans- here

And on pay annually, we gets 20% discount on all pricing plans

best seo tools- ahrefs pricing

Moz Pro Pricing

Similarly like Ahrefs, Moz Pro also has 4 pricing plans. Starting from 99$/month.















Keyword Rankings





Pages Crawled/Week

100 000

500 000

1.25 mililion

2 million

Keyword Queries/Month





Keyword Lists





Backlink Queries/Month


20 000

70 000

100 000

Link Tracking Lists





Rank Checker Queries/Day





User seats 





And on paying annually, we gets 20% discounted price (hmm, discount also similar- just like ahrefs)

best seo tools- moz pricing

Winner & Why

Winner is SEMrush, which is providing full value for the money we are investing in it. Plus within the same price amount, we are getting more tools, features, reports than Ahrefs & Moz Pro.

Plus we are also getting PPC and Paid Advertising Research tools on the same pricing tag.

Without a doubt! SEMrush is a winner…

Winner: Best SEO Tool

Let’s tally every round winner, 





Keyword Research comparison

🏆 Winner

Site audit comparison

🏆 Winner

Backlinks Analysis comparison

🏆 Winner

SERPs Tracking comparison

🏆 Winner

Competitor Analysis comparison

🏆 Winner

Pricing comparison

🏆 Winner

Total Wins




So as we can see Semrush wins 4 rounds out of 6.

And, Ahrefs wins 2 rounds out of 6 here.

Clearly, SEMrush is the winner and proved itself a Best SEO tool in the market.

Try SEMrush fo free!

Quick Comparison between Ahrefs and SEMrush

Ahrefs is GOOD in:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Broken Link Building

SEMrush is GOOD in:

  • Site Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Content and Topic research
  • Writing SEO optimized Articles
  • PPC and Advertising Research
  • Social Media Strategies

So, here is clear what you should choose!

Bonus: How to Use SEMrush from writing a Blog Post to Ranking it on Google- Step by Step Ultimate Guide

So, we got the best SEO tool, now let’s do a practical on how we can use SEMrush to increase SEO benefits in our blog.

In this ultimate guide, you will find,

  • How to do topic and keyword research for your next article/project.
  • Analyze your competitors- check their keywords and writing format
  • Get SEMrush’s SEO writing assistant help to write SEO optimized articles
  • Promote and strategize your newly published article on social medias with SEMrush- Social media poster and tracker tool.
  • Analyze your competitor’s backlinks to find out link building opportunities.
  • Track your keywords ranking with SEMrush- Position Tracking tool

Let’s start with Keyword Research,

Step 1: Keyword Research

Once you find the topic, the next crucial step to keyword research about that topic.

Pro Tip: You can take Semrush’s content marketing tool help to find out viral and most engaging topics or simply check your competitor’s top traffic generating keywords.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing the search query that is searched by people on search engines.

So you can write around that keyword and fulfill the searcher’s intent.

In SEO: fulfilling user intends will help you get higher rankings on google.

To begin keyword research with Semrush, Go to head over to “keyword analytics>keyword magic tool” on the left side menu.

And enter seed keyword, for me it’s ‘best seo tools’

Tip: Don’t forget to choose the targeted country! I chose the default country US.

In just few seconds, get all keyword suggestions listed related to seed Keywords.

You can even check metrics for better understanding about keywords.


  • Search Volume
  • Trend
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • CPC (cost per click)
  • Competitive Density (for PPC campaigns)
  • SF (Search Features)
  • Top Competitors

On the top, I can choose variations for the research like All type keywords or just question type keywords, then beside them is board match, phrase match, exact match or related.

By clicking on “Advanced Filters” I can find my desired keyword list. Like low KD  keywords or which keywords search volume is above 1,000.

Below the filters total number of all keywords, their in total search volume and average KD showing. Truly an easy way to show the data just in a line.

On the left side of the keyword list, this tool shows a keyword list with certain words like “free, audit, analysis” and the total volume of that certain word.

Now I can find my desired keywords and even export the list.

Step 2: Analyze Competitors- check their keywords and writing format

By clicking on a particular keyword in SEMrush keyword magic tool, I can check top 10 ranking competitors for that keyword on Google.

Then I check more keywords related to the seed keyword on their content page and see how they wrote the article, what things can be improved or what things are missing.

So I can create more amazing articles than my competitors.

An easy way to start.

Step 3: Using SEMrush’s SEO writing assistant to write SEO optimized articles

Semrush offers an amazing content writing tool for article writing, which you can use whether you are writing on google docs (via addon) or using wordpress (vial plugin). 

Just add the addon/plugin on your writing platform and let this tool do its magic.

It will indicate what errors your article is facing and show the methods to improve it and help in turn it into an SEO optimized article.

It even helps to remove all On-site SEO errors.

Step 4: Using SEMrush- Social media poster and tracker tool for Promoting the post on multiple social media.

Now our fully SEO article is published but only creating a good piece of content is not enough. It also requires good promotion strategy.

The best way to promote your blog post is social media.

And Semrush’s social media tools make this so easy that even a newbie can do it without any worries.

Just integrate your social media accounts with the SEMrush tool and schedule your posts with most engaging hashtags and done.

Pro Tip: You can also use this tool to find out your competitor’s top engaging and shared content on social media and see the best performing hashtags. And then copy those hashtags for your posts.

Step 5: Analyzing Competitor’s backlink profile to find link building opportunities

Let’s go back to Keyword magic tool one more time, 

But this time we will use this tool to check top ranking competitors on Google for our seed keywords.

Then we will go through those competitors’ backlink profiles to find out link building opportunities and what strategies they use.

So, we can also perform those link building strategies.

competitor backlink profile image

And one thing is confirmed from this way that that strategy is work for them means it will also work for you.

Step 6: Track  keywords ranking with SEMrush- Position Tracking tool

After creating backlinks, soon your blog post starts to rank on google. But still, one thing is missing, way to track them.

So you can monitor their ranking performance on Google.

And the best way to do that is Semrush- Position Tracking tool.

Just add your keywords in this tool and soon it will generate reports of ranking positions.

Then after some time, you can analyze if they are climbing up or going down.

If their rankings go down then you need to improve your backlinks and find out the errors.

And when all the errors are gone you will beat your competitors.

This tool also sends the tracking reports to your registered email. So, don’t need to check again and again.

Pretty impressive isn’t it!…


Like all good things, this article also comes to end.

I hope this article helped to find out Best SEO Tool.

So, tell me what SEO tool you liked most and what features amazed you most.

Share your thoughts or queries (if you have) in the comments, I will be happy to read them.

Bye… Bye.. take care, and we will meet in the next article!… 

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