How to Study Content before Writing a Blog Post?

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Basant Kumar asked 4 months ago
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Basant kumar Staff answered 4 months ago

Before starting any post it is very important to study the content.

But the question is how can you do it, let me give you best strategy for this.

My first suggestion before start writing any post is to create it’s content template.

So, What is template?

Template is a predefined way to doing a work. Like a setup, all you need add or change material in it.

By creating a content template, I means crafting outlines/headingings (that you will cover in the post).

After create a template,

Then simply fill details in them one by one.

And for creating template, you can observe you competitor’s post. That makes your work a lot easy.

Copy their headings, but tweak them a bit don’t just paste same line.

Observe and study at least 3–5 competitors.

Pro tip: your main target to create a content better than your competitors. So you must need to add more information that they didn’t covered in their post.

Let’s me give an example of creating template

For example, while I was searching to create a post on “Earn money by placing sponsored content on your blog”.

I studied some my competitor’s post that already rankings in top ranks on Google.

Then first, i created a template like this, Earn money by placing sponsored content on your blog !

(Write) Introduction of sponsored content

What is sponsored content?

words here

Sponsored content examples

words here

How much does sponsored content cost, or how much you should charge

words here

Get Sponsored Content From Flyout

introduction of flyout and a step by step tutorial

How you will be Paid on Flyout

words here

Last words/conclusion

words here

Finally bour template is ready.

After successfully observing and studying my competitor’s post I understood what i need to add in template and what they miss that i can add in my template.

Pro tip: Focus on one heading at a time and try to put every detail information in it that you can.

Now all I need do something like fill in blanks, fill every heading with deep information and detail one by one.

please visit the post to know more how it’s looks after filled all headings – Earn money by placing sponsored content on your blog !

After creating template, Next step is to find information to fill in it.

And trust me you can do in 3 amazing ways to study content before writing a blog that i know and use for content study!

  1. Reading your competitors post
  2. Reading about it on Quora, hence here you will find everything about your query, use this search string to find topic related information on Google- “your keyword here” quora

3. Watching about it on YouTube videos

Try this strategy on one heading at a time, and to rech to the last heading of your post.

Trust me Without any hustling about information you post will be completed with some awesome detailed information that is even better than your competitors 👍

That’ll, I hope you get what you are find in this answer.

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