How to Smartly Use Google for Keyword Research?

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Basant kumar Staff asked 4 months ago
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Google for Keyword Research

When the word come out for keyword research, Most of bloggers forget to use most powerful tool that they are already using.

1. Google Keyword planner

It’s the most trusted and accurate data of keywords that is google tells us via their keyword planner.

Basically this tool made by google for advertisers so they can find keywords for their ad and cpc bidding strategy.

But as a blogger for keyword research,

In Keyword planner every keyword that you searched shows the keyword volume every month, competition even CPC, so you can get the money information behind it.

Let’s start how you can also use Google keyword planner for your Keyword Research Strategy

For using this tool you need to access google ads via your google account.

That’s easy just head over to Google ads and login with your gmail – email id.

Please sign up a new gmail account of you don’t have.

After login, click on tools.

On the left side under planning, you will see keyword planner, just click on it.

But there you will two options. “Discover New Keywords” and “Get search volume and forecasts”

1.  Discover New Keywords

This will help you to discover new keyword ideas that is related to your search query or business.

2. Get search volume and forecasts for your keywords

This feature is just helpful when you have already a list of keywords and want to know their search volume.

But here’s a catch no matter which feature you use, you will end up on same place – keywords results page.

Like different paths for same destination.

And for keyword research we will start with Discover New Keywords

So click on 1st option of keyword planner and enter your keyword ideas that you have.

In results, you will every keyword that is related to your Keyword idea.

Their search volume, competiton, and CPC.

You can even use filters to find more specific keywords like low competiton, location, month etc.

And now you can choose the keywords that is fittinf for your keyword research creteria.

Image credit: from google by ahrefs

2. Google suggests

Whenever we enter our query on google,

Google itself suggest many more keywords and its proof that people mostly Search by these queries.

For example, I entered my query ‘keyword research’ and google suggested more keywords.

You also do this with Youtube Search amd Bing Search.

3. Google: Search related to

This is a way to find keywords that are actually searched by users. And the data is provided by google so it can’t be wrong.

Whenever we search any topic on google there is a search related to section at the bottom of google results.

For example I search Keyword research in google.

At the bottom of the page, we can 8 search related to keywords that are closly related to my search query.

Now click any of those related keywords, and at the bottom you find more related stuff😉.

Repeat this process untill you are satisfied with your keywords list for your post.

This way you not only get more actual accurate keywords that are people searching but also Google’s accurate data.

This simple helped me get many keywords in my early Blogging days and now it’s your turn to use it!

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