How do I beat a competitor’s blog in the year 2021?

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Basant kumar Staff asked 4 months ago
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Basant kumar Staff answered 4 months ago

For beating your competitor’s blog, you will need to do Competitor Analysis.

This Analysis will help to get know your competitor’s keywords, backlinks and top posts that rankings in google.

With this technique all you need to do

  • copy your competitor’s keywords
  • write a post better than your competitor
  • and then use the same technique/sites that your competitor used for making backlinks

That way you can beat your competitors blog, because you know you did that what your competitor did.

And because that worked for your competitor, it will also work for you.

Now you the theory behind behind the Competitor Analysis.

Let’s Start the step by step practical of Competitor Analysis.

Below are the step by step process of Competitor Analysis,

Am using SEMrush for Competitor Analysis because it is most trusted Seo tool and show accurate data.

Please Note: before starting this process, create a list of your competitors blog url that you want to analysis.

Then login into your SEMrush accout, sign up if you don’t have any account.

Use this link to Sign up on SEMrush and get 7 days free Trail!

Step 1: Enter Competitor’s Url in search section And start analyzing

After login, you will search setion on the top. Just enter you competitors urls and hit the search button.

On result page, you will see every thing about that website, like

  • Authority score
  • Organic traffic
  • Top keywords ranked in google that generating taffic for the website
  • Backlinks, referring domains and anchor texts

Step 2: Finding Keywords

Click on Top Organic keywords section’s VIEW DETAILS button,

Here you will all top keywords that generating traffic for your competitor.

You will see more details of that keywords like

  • Their Positions in google for the site
  • Volume
  • Keyword Difficultly (more % means more difficult )
  • CPC
  • Post Url

Step 3: Start keyword research and write a post

Choose any interested keyword for starting your Keyword research and finally began to write the blog but better then your competitor.

For research that keyword just click on it, it will show all details, related keywords.

For post information

You can see your competitor article, for the details that you want for the topic, the way he wrote the post, more keywords that he put in the article.

Everything you will find in the article.

Just try to write a better post then him cover the details that he missed in his post.

Step 4: Analyze Backlinks

After writing and proper SEO, you need to do create quality backlinks so you can rank above your competitor’s post.

With SEMrush you can also do it with ease👍

Just enter the competitor post url in search section of SEMrush.

And on result page, click on backlinks

Here you will see all the backlinks strategies that your Compitetor used for making backlinks.

Just copy his strategies and make backlinks on the same sites that he made.

Make sure to don’t fast up this step of making backlinks.

Only create upto 5 backlinks in a day, otherwise google can spam your site.

This Step take some days but when all the backlinks are made.

Google will slowly slowly ranked your post higher and higher in rankings.

That’s all.

I tried my best to keep it short and simple so that everyone can understand it.

This is a small competitor analysis technique that you can use for beat your competitor’s blog.

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