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3 Simple steps to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO

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Optimize Blog Posts for SEO: Every Blogger began writing any post with a target to get ranked and featured on Google’s first page.

But to conquer this target he needs to do proper SEO on that post while writing.

Of course, you can do SEO on any blog older or new anytime.

And in this article, I am going to share an Ultimate detailed guide that will explain every step of proper SEO that helps you to Optimize blog posts for high rankings.

So let’s dive into the guide and began to Optimize blog posts for Seo,

how to optimize blog posts for seo

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Step 1. Start with Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the first step that is must be required before writing a post.

Without keyword research, you can’t optimize blog posts for SEO.

so, what is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing the search query that is searched by people on search engines.

So you can write around that keyword and fulfill the searcher’s intent.

In SEO: fulfilling user intends will help you get higher rankings on google.

But the question is how to do keyword research?

Most of the time bloggers thought this a hard task and fear it how to do it.

But Keyword search is no rocket science, all you need some strategies to start with.

And in this answer, I am going to reveal some simple but effective strategies for Keyword Research.

Feel free to copy them and start your Keyword research.

I will explain some free tools as well as some paid premium tools. You can use any method which is suitable for you.

Keyword Research using Google

how to write seo friendly Blog Posts

When the word comes out for keyword research, Most bloggers forget to use the most powerful tool that they are already using.

In this step, I will share 3 methods with Google that you can use for Keyword Research.

1. Google Keyword planner

It’s the most trusted and accurate data of keywords that is google tells us via their keyword planner.

Basically this tool made by google for advertisers so they can find keywords for their ad and cpc bidding strategy.

But as a blogger for keyword research,

In the Keyword planner, every keyword that you searched shows the keyword volume every month, competition even CPC, so you can get the money information behind it.

Let’s start how you can also use Google keyword planner for your Keyword Research Strategy

For using this tool you need to access google ads via your google account.

That’s easy just head over to Google ads and login with your Gmail – email id.

Please sign up for a new Gmail account of you don’t have.

Optimize Blog Posts for SEO

After login, click on tools.

On the left side under planning, you will see keyword planner, just click on it.

Optimize Blog Posts for SEO

But there you will two options. “Discover New Keywords” and “Get search volume and forecasts”

1st Discover New Keywords

This will help you to discover new keyword ideas that are related to your search query or business.

2nd Get search volume and forecasts for your keywords

This feature is just helpful when you have already a list of keywords and want to know their search volume.

But here’s a catch no matter which features you use, you will end up on same place – keywords results page.

Like different paths for the same destination.

And for keyword research, we will start with Discover New Keywords

So click on 1st option of keyword planner and enter your keyword ideas that you have.

In results, you will every keyword that is related to your Keyword idea.

Their search volume, competition, and CPC.

You can even use filters to find more specific keywords like low competition, location, month, etc.

And now you can choose the keywords that are fitting for your keyword research criteria.

Optimize Blog Posts for SEO
Image credit: from google by ahrefs

2. Google suggests

Whenever we enter our query on google,

Google itself suggests many more keywords and its proof that people mostly Search by these queries.

how to write seo friendly Blog Posts

For example, I entered my query ‘keyword research’ and google suggested more keywords.

You also do this with Youtube Search and Bing Search.

3. Google: Search related to

This is a way to find keywords that are actually searched by users. And the data is provided by Google so it can’t be wrong.

Whenever we search any topic on google there is a search related to the section at the bottom of google results.

Optimize Blog Posts for SEO

For example, I search Keyword research on google.

Optimize Blog Posts for SEO

At the bottom of the page, we can 8 search related to keywords that are closely related to my search query.

Now click any of those related keywords, and at the bottom, you find more related stuff3 Simple steps to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO” />.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied with your keywords list for your post.

This way you not only get more actual accurate keywords that are people searching but also Google’s accurate data.

This simple helped me get many keywords in my early Blogging days and now it’s your turn to use it!

Next: Keyword Research using tools

You can also do keyword research with some free tools and one of them is Keyword surfer.

A Keyword surfer is a free tool that you add in your chrome browser as an extension.

Search on google: Keyword Surfer chrome extension for installation.

And every time you search anything on google via chrome browser it will show you that keyword’s volume and CPC.

They’re also an option to change the country then this tool shows volume and CPC according to that country.

Using Ahrefs

This is a premium tool and all in one SEO suite.

Despite Keyword research, you can also use Ahrefs for Backlinks analysis, competitor Analysis, content research, site audit, and many more things.

But for this tutorial, we will only use this for Keyword Research.

After login to dashboard, go to Keyword explorer and start entering your Keyword Ideas.

On the results page, it will show you that keyword’s volume, KD- Keyword difficultly, CPC, etc.

You can also use filters to meet your criteria

how to write seo friendly Blog Posts

Step 2. Installing an SEO plugin – Yoast Seo

You have already installed Yoast then you can skip this part and head over to step 3.

But if you don’t follow this step.

Yoast SEO is an all in one and most importantly free tool. Of course, they offer a premium feature with a lot of other cool features.

Yoast SEO is the most installed SEO Plugin in WordPress and regularly helping 5 million users to write an amazing SEO optimized post.

This plugin so amazing and will helps you to Optimize your post for proper SEO in a systematic way.

For installing this plugin go to plugin>add new plug

Search Yoast>install and Activate it.

After writing a post, It will divide that post into 3 divisions in terms of SEO optimized.

Green – mostly optimized

Oranger– partly optimized and requires more efforts

Red– not optimized

Make sure your Target is turning it in green for mostly SEO optimized.

With this, we are ready for step 3.

Step 3. Writing post content

After Keyword research and installing the Yoast SEO plugin, our next step is content creation and try to put your Keyword in the article at least 4 if your article is 1000 words.

Don’t worry, Yoast SEO will tell you if you made any errors while writing an SEO optimized post.

Here are some tips to write SEO friendly blog posts.

  • Make sure your post fulfill searcher’s intend and gives detailed information on what’s they are looking for.
  • Must write your targeted Keyword in the first paragraph of the article
  • Put your target keywords many times in different formats like bold, italic, underline but don’t overdo it as i said 4–5 times in 1000 words.
  • Use many other different Keywords related to the post.
  • Interlink your other posts to this post
  • Use at least 3–5 external links
  • Put alt tag in images
  • Try to add a video, this will boost your SEO but also increase the bounce rate of the site.

Remember these points while writing a post and that will be mostly SEO optimized.

Now scroll below to the Yoast SEO section,

Let’s fill Yoast empty section so that this plugin tells Google that your article is perfectly SEO Optimized and ready for rankings.

On focus Keyword- enter your targeted Keyword

Then click on edit snippet to edit meta title and description

how to write seo friendly Blog Posts

Your post title will be meta title so don’t edit anything here. Make sure to put limited title so the section point green.

As for meta description,

Try to put your target keyword here and make awesome, so when a user sees this description in google they just click on it.

This will increase your CTR- so take your time to make it amazing!

Note: Make your edit your meta title and meta description in a way that it turns green. Not orange or red.

Otherwise, it will not be Optimized for SEO.

Also, Check your sites readability Score

Don’t just Optimize your loss for SEO but also for readers.

Your target audience is not just happy with your SEO but how you are providing information to them.

Because in the end, you wrote this post for humans.

That’s why your post also meets Yoast readability criteria and must be green.

Green means, it is also fully Optimized for reading.

If Yoast both SEO and readability criteria are green then you are good to go publish this post.

Publish it and submit it to Google.

Or don’t worry Yoast plugin will submit your article in Google automatically for you.3 Simple steps to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO” />

That’ll3 Simple steps to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO” />, you wrote an SEO Optimized post and submitted it on google and other search engines. Soon it will be indexed on google.

But note: you only did a successful Onpage Seo for that post but it also requires Off-page SEO for the post to rank higher on Google and to beat the competition.

Conclusion: Now you also knew ‘how to optimize blog posts for SEO‘, so it’s your turn to start writing posts that are fully optimized and SEO friendly.

Let me know, if you have any query about SEO, I will be happy to help you!

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