Moosend review 2022 with pros & cons – Is it really good for email marketing

Moosend Review 2021 with Pros & Cons – Is it really good for email marketing

Are you looking for a feature packed yet very affordable email marketing platform then let me introduce you to Moosend.

Moosend is an email marketing and automation platform which was founded in 2012. Due to its advanced rich features and affordable pricing plans moosend getting popular among internet marketers.

Especially in small and mid-range websites, online businesses and e-com stores.

moosend review

Moosend review: Can you believe, Moosend became one of the best email marketing platforms of 2021

Okay, don’t trust my words, see the moosend users ratings!

Moosend is so much affordable you can literally start building your email marketing campaigns for free, Yes absolutely free!

Because it also comes with a forever free plan for upto 1000 subscribers with unlimited emails sending (containing all features).

Moosend Free Plan offers (Lifetime Deal)

✔️ Upto 1000 Free Subscribers (lifetime)
✔️ Unlimited emails
✔️ All features included
✔️ Email automation
✔️ No branding in mails
✔️ Campaign reports

moosend review
Ratings – 4.8

Compare all Moosend pricing plans »

Free Plan – $ 0

All our core features at no cost

Features Free Forever

  • Moosend review 2022 with pros & cons - Is it really good for email marketing No Credit Card Required
  • Moosend review 2022 with pros & cons - Is it really good for email marketing Unlimited Emails
  • Moosend review 2022 with pros & cons - Is it really good for email marketing Sign-up & Subscription Forms
  • Moosend review 2022 with pros & cons - Is it really good for email marketing Reporting & Analytics
  • Moosend review 2022 with pros & cons - Is it really good for email marketing Landing Pages
  • Moosend review 2022 with pros & cons - Is it really good for email marketing Priority Support
  • Moosend review 2022 with pros & cons - Is it really good for email marketing Team Members

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Things you will get with Moosend Email Marketing

Easy to Use Interface

Moosend’s user interface is so friendly that even a beginner can navigate and understand things easily.  Everything available in the left side vertical sticky menu and just 1 click away.

High Inbox Delivery Rate

Moosend emails inbox delivery rate also quite good, actually it’s amazing.

In fact, moosend comes under the top 10 email marketing platforms in term of the email deliverability rate.

On an email delivery test run by Moosend offers 71.67 % delivery rate of emails straight delivered in the inbox.

You can read more about that test here- Moosend Email Deliverability Report

Moosend Email Campaign Creation

moosend review

On moosend you can create various types of email campaigns. And the best part there is also an HTML editor along with normal editor.

  • Regular campaigns
  • A/B split campaigns
  • Repeatable html campaigns
  • Rss campaigns
  • Automated campaigns

Moosend Email Templates

Within the moosend email marketing platform, users get tons of pre-built & designed beautiful email campaign templates for variety of uses which are 100% mobile responsive and conversion focused.

They have even basic need templates for,

  • Lead generation
  • Ebook 
  • Products 
  • Newsletter
  • Automation funnel
  • Rss
  • Webinar
  • Invitation
  • + many more, the list go on

Just select the template according to your need and then you can change stuff according to your need.

This is one of the best template libraries then even some big email marketing platforms don’t have.

Users can also save their created emails as templates under the editor library for later reuse.

Along with the email template library, there are also templates for landing pages and sign forms.

Editing tools in Moosend email editor

To create emails in moosend, all you need to drag and drop elements (that’s how easy it’s email creation user interface), users get many advanced editing elements and tools in moosend email editor explained below.

Structure Containers– With this users can select the structural design of their emails.

Image– To add images in your emails. Plus, there is an image picker feature to get images straight from unsplash, social media or drive.

Text– With this element you can add texts in your email.

CTA Buttons– This element will let you add attractive button in your email campaigns

Article– Want to add blog articles in your email, this element can easily do that.

Social Share– There is also a social share element (to share email in social media platforms) in moosend email editor that you cannot find in most email marketing platforms.

Social Follow– With this element users can easily add their instagram, twitter, facebook or other social profile to follow.

Custom HTML– Want to add extra things via html then this element has that magic.

Countdown Timer– Countdown timers are a great way to encourage people to take action, hopefully this feature also in moosend email editor.

Video– Add videos in your email with this drag and drop element

Product Hooks– If you are selling stuff then with this element you can feature your products in your emails.

Plus, there are also some additional advanced features like conditional content blocks.

👍Learn here- How to create your first newsletter with Moosend Email Editor.

Moosend Features: You should know about

#1. Audience Management via segmentation & personalization tags

To get high ROI (return on investment) from every email sent, it is important to use combination of these 2 aspects, so let’s understand them.

Audience segmentation– Segmentation means dividing your subscribers/audience into specific groups by their characteristics, interest or behaviour. And these groups will be called segments.

For example, I’m getting subscribers then divided into 2 groups- male and female according to gender. Then I have now 2 segments based on their gender.

Now I can send female segment oriented emails only to female group and male oriented emails to male segment.

moosend review

Moosend has many options to divide your subscribers/audience in segments like,

  • Demographics (Age, gender, etc.)
  • Behavior (Past purchases, products viewed, etc.)
  • Email opens and interactions
  • Time (When did they perform an action such as purchasing or viewing a product?)
  • Many more

Basically, audience segmentation let’s you divide into various groups based on their actions, interest, behavior that we call segments in marketing platforms. So we can send emails to interested audiences related to specific segment.

Most importantly, Moosend also has templates for segmentation.

moosend review

They are very easy and simple to use, and the suggestions are a nice way for getting started – especially if it’s your first email marketing campaign.

Personalization tags– In most simple words, it means customizing every email content according to every particular person, It can be according to their name, location or last action performed on previously sent email.

But creating every email for every subscriber can be really hard and maybe impossible, that’s where personalization tags come to make things really easy.

Using these tags I can send personalised emails mentioning their name, location etc.

All I need to do is put the name tag (this will fetch subscriber’s name) or location tag (fetch subscriber location).

For example, with the name tag (Hi, name tag) every subscriber will get a personalized email relating to them like- Hi Basant or Hi Nick!

moosend review

In Moosend, You can personalize your email content based on simple and complex factors:

  • Add subscriber custom fields (e.g. name fields so you can address each subscriber with their own name)
  • Preferences
  • Products
  • Behavior

And more!

Now let’s see both Audience segmentation and Personalization tags in action in emails from above examples,

Email sent to Male segment audience with personalized name & product tags

moosend review

Email sent to Female segment audience with personalized name & product tags

moosend pricing, pros and con

Now, it’s high chances for them to take action and purchase anything from these mails.

#2. Moosend Marketing Automation

Automation is the best way to put businesses on autopilot, just set up things for one time and everything will be autorunning.

Hopefully, moosend made automation easy with their platform and best part even in their free plan, marketing automation available.

Infact, moosend offers the most simple and easy to use email marketing automation. Users can either create their own automation workflow or use one of the tried-and-true automation workflows that Moosend provides.

Automate processes like

  • user onboarding,
  • lead scoring,
  • cart abandonment sequences, and so on, using triggers.

Users can automate according to

  • email opens or product views.
  • or filter by weather conditions on the prospect’s location and add an extra personalization note.

All you need to select the event element that will trigger the automation sequence, and that’s all you are all done.

If We talk about automations a little deep, then it is based on 3 important aspects.

  1. Triggers
  2. Conditional or control steps
  3. Actions
  1. Triggers– These are the 1st action by the user which starts the automation, includes.
  • Email opens
  • Page views
  • Purchases
  • Clicks
  • etc
  1. Conditional or control steps– These includes
  • Launch the sequence depending various segments
  • Filter by contact preferences
  • Time delay
  • Etc
  1. Actions– It conclude what actions happen next, such as
  • Send a specific email campaign
  • Trigger an automation
  • Change lead score
  • And so on

Moosend’s email automation process works very excellent especially with E-com stores and onlines businesses.

#3. Moosend Subscription Forms

Subscription forms are the forms in which website readers put their email for getting newsletters & emails.

moosend pricing, pros and con

In moosend users can use all kinds of subscription forms by creating or selecting from ready made subscription templates.

  • Modal pop-up forms– a pop form in any page of website
  • Inline form– a subscription form within your content
  • Floating bar– floating subscription form at the top or the bottom of your page
  • Floating box– form will stay in the view as your visitor scrolls down the page
  • Full page form- form will appear on all full view

Best thing about subscription form templates, users can easily customize them (like text, color, button, fonts) and turn them into any type of form via the Moosend visual editor.

Plus, there are also advanced targeting options for where you can display forms on your site:

  • Pages– On which pages form will be displayed
  • Devices– the device on which your form will appear
  • Countries– the countries able to see your forms
  • Operating systems– according to the operating system they use

You can also add custom fonts, countdown timers in your forms to create FOMO (fear of missing out).

#4. Moosend Landing pages

Landing pages are the best way to increase conversions no matter it’s leads or sales.

If you don’t know, landing pages are conversion focused pages that are built for targeting particular segments.

moosend pricing, pros and con

For most of users it can hard and confusing to create landing page but not with moosend, it has also a template library for landing pages that you can choose or customize all things like,

  • Landing pages for courses and webinar registrations
  • Landing pages for eBooks
  • Landing pages for email subscriptions
  • And more!

All landing pages are 100% responsive and easily customizable via drag and drop editor.

moosend pricing

Users can also integrate analytics tools with their landing pages to track actions.

Plus, the most amazing thing here, users can Host any Moosend landing page on their WordPress site with a simple plugin.

#5. Moosend A/B Testing

In A/B testing, 2 variations are tested and monitored with almost the same content but little difference like main color, headline, CTA buttons to find out which one is performing best between A or B.

moosend a/b test

With moosend, Users can run A/B testing on email campaigns to find out which one is performing best for free by seeing reports and analytics.

#6. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

moosend pros and cons

Moosend email marketing platform has a powerful analytics system that tracks every behavioral action taken on sent emails like,

  • email opens
  • click-through rates
  • Button clicks
  • bounce rates
  • and unsubscribers

It makes it easy to understand our audience and their behavior on emails as a marketer. 

Users can get overview of campaigns and automation at a single glance because all the data available in one place is just separated by tabs.

Plus, one thing I have never seen any email marketing platform before that all subscribers complete information about all emails and campaigns like this below image,

moosend pros and cons

This makes it so easy to understand every single subscriber.

And there is also heatmaps analytics as well for email campaigns in Moosend.

#7. Moosend integrations

There are 100+ integrations available in moosend to provide all marketing needs of its users.

Moosend’s integrations available for

  • CRM – like Google Contacts, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, and more
  • CMS – like wordpress and drupal
  • E-Commerce – Magento, WooCommerce, ThriveCart, and more
  • Lead generation – Elementor, OptiMonk, Zendesk, Pabbly and more
  • List validation tools – Neverbounce, Bouncer, Clearout and more

Moosend email marketing platform also offers a direct SMTP service. It can integrate natively with –

  • Zapier,
  • Magento,
  • Woocommerce,
  • Bouncer,
  • Mailoptin,
  • Salesforce,
  • Facebook Lead Ads,
  • and plenty of other platforms

#8. Moosend API

moosend pros and cons

Moosend offers all beneficial and simple to access api credentials for users to easily integrate with other marketing tools. 

And for more help you can always read moosend api documentation.

#9. Moosend AI Ecommerce Automation

If you are running an e-com site or selling digital content then I don’t think you will ever going to find ecommerce automation via email marketing in any platform at such affordable pricing that Moosend provides.

moosend pros and cons

Moosend Ecommerce Automation is AI based and automatically sends user’s related products mails using personalization tags based on their previous emails behavioral actions.

moosend pros and cons

Some core eCommerce AI features include abandoned cart emails, product recommendations, and reminder emails. All these three aim to re-engage and increase the probability of one-timers becoming loyal customers.

Moosend for woocommerce also works best, once you set up using API, transactional emails become a piece of cake with moosend ecommerce automation.

Plus, users can also create product emails using product blocks and display the product with whatever information they want to.

Moosend AI-based eCommerce automation is really a next-level thing that I suggest you try for once if you are selling stuff on your site.

Moosend pricing

There are 3 Moosend Pricing Plans available in platform- Free, Pro & Enterprise

In which Pro and Enterprise plans are paid that start from 8$ (when billed annually) after 1000 subscribers. 

And as the number of subscribers increase, the plan’s price also increases.

moosend pricing

Moosend Free Plan

With Moosend free plan, you’ll get:

  • Up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited emails
  • Email campaigns
  • Subscription forms
  • Basic templates
  • Countdown timers
  • AI product recommendations
  • Automation workflows
  • Analytics
  • 100+ integrations

What you will not get with Moosend free plan is:

  • Transactional emails
  • Landing pages
  • Custom reporting
  • Phone and priority support

Sign Up Free

Moosend Pro Plan (Paid)

Pro plan provide everything that moosend free plan don’t have:

  • Landing pages creation and import
  • Transactional emails
  • Phone support
  • Custom reporting

Plus more extra features and like I said pro plan prices increase as the number of subscribers increase like,

  • $8/month for up to 2,000 subscribers
  • $16/month up to 3,000 subscribers
  • $24/month for up to 5,000 subscribers

Please note above prices based on annual billing!


👍 Recommended  

Ratings- 4.8

Compare all Moosend pricing plans ♦

✔️Upto 1000 Free Subscribers (lifetime)
✔️Unlimited emails

✔️All features included
✔️Email automation
✔️No branding in mails
✔️24/7 Live Support- Phone/Email/Chat

visit Moosend

Starts: $8/m after 1000 limit

🔥 Save 20% on annual plans

Enterprise Plan

Like the plan name suggests, this plan mosting suitable for big enterprises that have more than 200K subscribers.

With this plan, users get all the features that come in Pro.

And dedicated IP that normally not come with free or pro plan

This plan price is not transparent on the site, the only way to get the prices is to get in touch with the moosend support team.

Moosend pricing

Although Moosend has a great support team, their support priority depends on which plan you are using.

If you are using moosend free plan that support takes time to help but If you are their paid user then Support priority quite high and less time taking.

You can get in touch with moosend support via Live Chat, Phone, Email and Ticket raising.

Moosend Pro’s and Con’s


  • Automation workflows are robust relative to similarly-priced competitors
  • Free plan includes most of the features found in paid plans
  • You can create unlimited custom data fields and segments in this platform
  • Easy to user interface
  • For every type form, landing page, sequence there are lots of prebuilt designs in library
  • Moosend Ecommerce Automation next level thing as it’s AI based.


  • Moosend only includes about 70 pre-designed email templates
  • Customer support in free plan is limited

User Reviews of moosend

moosend review

Moosend user reviews

Moosend user reviews

Moosend user reviews

Moosend user reviews

Final Verdict

To grow online, continuous traffic  and getting conversions, email marketing is essential and Moosend can be your best try as it has all useful features and tools.

And as for giving a try you can start with their free plan. And I personally think that’s enough to get your grasp on email marketing.

And once you think moosend is good to go you can always free to go to their pro plan once you cross 1000 subscriber numbers.

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Moosend Faq: Most asked questions about Moosend

What is Moosend?

Moosend is an email marketing and automation platform which was founded in 2012. Due to its advanced rich features and affordable pricing plans moosend getting popular among internet marketers.

Is Moosend easy to use?

Moosend’s user interface is so friendly that even a beginner can navigate and understand things easily.
Everything available in the left side vertical sticky menu and just 1 click away.

Does Moosend work with WordPress?

yes, with subscription forms and its official plugin users can easily use moosend with WordPress.

How do I connect Moosend to WordPress?

1. Search and install moosend official plugin in your WP dashboard.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
3. Connect with your moosend account from plugin.
4. That’s all now you can easily use moosend in wordpress.

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