101+ High DA Best blog commenting sites list 2022 #UPDATED

High DA Best blog commenting sites list: Blog commenting is the best way when we think about backlinks, and it is the easiest way to interact with readers. The more good content a site provides, the more comments it will receive, which will increase traffic to that site.

Free Classified Websites for you to list your blog,

  1. https://www.bedpage.com
  2. https://www.ibackpage.com
  3. https://www.ebackpage.com
  4. https://www.mustdial.com

Why blog commenting?

Blog comment has been famous for many years, and it has not decreased yet. Because it is beneficial for both the readers and the blogger of the site.

Now let’s talk about the benefits,

Blog commenting advantage for the bloggers-

Blog commenting is essential for the blogger. Here are some advantages to the blogger of the comment. 

1. The more valuable blog comment you get, the more value your blog post will get. It will help you to get an idea about what your target audience likes.

The blog comment will get you to know the topic of your next blog post,  which your audience wants to know.

2. In particular, Google is more relevant to user-friendly content. Every comment on your blog post makes your blog new, and it lets the google to know about the activity of your blog.

3. You could see the word count of the comment on the blog post of the top active sites. It is more than the word count of the blog post.

If some of the feedback of the readers is much lengthier, then the blog content will boost automatically.

4. Improve keyword density by replying with related keywords to some positive reader’s comments. You can also text your target comment to the readers.

5. Finally, it is the last benefit to the bloggers by blog commenting.

You could see that if some of the experienced bloggers commented on your post. So they will suggest to you about something better, or they will give you some additional information about the blog content in the comment box.

Most of the readers will get the information that you have not included in your content by the comment box. It will make your content well informed.

Blog commenting advantage to the blog commenters-

Here are some blog commenting benefit for the blog commenters.

1. With the help of blog comments, you can connect with the top influencing bloggers.

You must have seen the comment box of a blog post where a comment turns into a conversation.

If you have any suggestions on a comment, you can tell them by replying. Through this blog commenting, you can interconnect with so many bloggers. 

2. By becoming the first commenter of any related blog content, you will get noticed surely.

By commenting with the valuable words, you could get more and more response from the people—that result in driving more traffic to your site

3. Google gives more attention to SEO friendly content. If you are getting more clicks in your backlink, then google will be familiar with your site and will display it in upper order according to your content.

4. Some blogs commenting on websites will result in do-follow links which is excellent.

Obtaining Dofollow links on authority sites enables link authority to pass to your blog or website. It will result in increasing your ranking.

What are the criteria to choose a blog for Commenting?

Here are some tips to find the best commenting sites suitable for your Blog.

1. First, before choosing any blog for Commenting you must check its niche.

Is it related to your blog niche or not?

For example, if your blog about health and fitness and you find a site that accepts comment posting but their niche is tech.

Then it will don’t provide any benefits. That’s why always post comments only on those sites that are related to your niche.

2. Second, check it’s Domain Authority, Page Authority, or most importantly SPAM SCORE.

There are many sites for Checking spam score, just google it or simply go to websiteseochecker.com (this is totally free).

best commenting sites

Enter website link, verify captcha and check

You will get something like it, That is showing the website’s DA, PA, age, Alexa, etc.

But first, you need to notice the SS section that is for SPAM SCORE.

If it’s SS is more than 1%, then there are some spamming links in that site and the more SS % is the more this site has spam score.

Pro Tip: Avoid high Spam Score sites, those will harm your site.

Then check it’s DA – Domain Authority

The higher it’s DA means the more authority you will get from this site for Commenting on it.

When I search for sites for Guest posts I set DA for 30+ for me.

Third, confirm is this site giving a dofollow or nofollow link in their post.

Nofollow is also good but Dofollow link will give your site more authority and helps to boost your rankings.

Now you know, the best criteria to choose a website for blog commenting strategy.

How to write Blog Comments that get approved fast

It is very important to get your comment approved that you posted on a blog for the backlink.

But before being approved, that comment will need moderator/admin’s approval. 

And here all the game starts. 

The moderator or admin only approves this comment when he/she find out some actual value in that.

That’s why you need to post a comment that makes admin happy about it.

Otherwise, he/she will just mark you as spam.

So, here are some tips that will help you to write a comment that will be approved fast.

1. Comment something that related to post topic

Before start Commenting on any site, you must read the post so you can understand the value or query (if you have) that you are going to comment on.

Typing nice post, thank you for this amazing article or whatever.

It is meaningless and did not approve of your comment.

With just a glance, the publisher will understand that this is only for backlink thus he will reject it.

That’s why to read at once or understand the article before committing.

2. Write at least 100 words

After reading and understanding the post content, write at least 100 words comment which is related to post.

Or my favorite, write a query/question that is related to post that way not only admin or moderator approve your post but also reply that query.

3. Adding real value

Comment with your Gravatar account, it is by WordPress.

Making an account on Gravatar is not so hard, just registered with your real name, enter official email id, and set up a photo of yourself or logo.

high da best blog commenting sites list

That’ll then use it for blog commenting.

After that whenever you post a comment using that Gravatar email, your profile will be shown.

That will build trust and the publisher will not think you as a spammer. And approve your comment without any hesitation.

4. Don’t use links or your website in the comment

Often people add textless but put links or brand names more. 

This is only increasing your chances of getting spammed.

Don’t do this,

Instead of just put your website link only where it is asked.

In the website section. 

Here you can add your home URL or post URL.

Keep remember these 4 points while commenting on any blog and your comments will be approved.

Bonus Tip: Use to write something valuable, whenever the site owner publishes a new post. This will increase trust as he will see your comment after every new post.

Mistakes that you must avoid while blog commenting

high da blog commenting siites

Most bloggers use comment management system on their site to control spamming.

One of them is Akismet, I know you are familiar with this.

This tool identifies irrelevant or spam comments and disapprove automatically.

Sometimes it even bans the email and website URL for no further spamming.

your comment that must be genuine and natural.

Some sites use Disqus or Facebook comment system to avoid spamming comments.

In these systems you even get Backlinks so please avoid comment on this type of blog commenting site.

Mistakes you must not do while commenting

  • Make sure to use Gravatar account while commenting
  • Please don’t comment with reading the post
  • Don’t comment on irrelevant niche 
  • Make sure your comment has at least 100 words
  • Don’t put any links in the comment
  • Never copy others comments

Which type of Backlinks you should create – Dofollow or Nofollow?

high da blog commenting siites

In every link building strategy, there are only two types of links include.

Either it will be Dofollow link or Nofollow link.

Dofollow backlinks

These are the type of backlink that pass link juice and authority to your website. And will increase your domain’ s authority as well as rankings in search engines.

Nofollow backlinks

Just like dofollow, nofollow Backlink also boosts rankings but just a little bit. 

But nofollow link does not pass the link juice and authority of that site to your site.

In more simple terms, When a search bot crawler crawls a site and finds a backlink it will go to your website, only if it’s dofollow link.

Means authority passed to your site

But if it is a Nofollow backlink, it will go to your site. Thus no authority passes for your site.

Which is best for Blog Commenting Dofollow or Nofollow link?

Both types of links are good for the backlink strategy.

In fact, you must create a mix of backlinks but in ratio and focusing more on Dofollow.

Like 7:3, where 70% backlinks are dofollow and 30% are nofollow.

Pro Tip:

Only creating Dofollow links can harm your website authority. That’s why always create mix of both type of backlinks in a ratio.

To know more about Nofollow or Dofollow Backlinks effects on rankings, read Neil Patel’s study – Do High DA Backlinks From Blog Comments really Help in Rankings?

From his experiment, he found out that Do follow backlinks helps more to boost rankings in SERPs then Nofollow backlinks.

How to find niche related Blog Commenting Sites

high da blog commenting siites

Blog Commenting backlink strategy is only useful and beneficial when you comment on your niche related or at least relevant blog posts.

But the big question is, How to find Niche related blogs?

Well, I am going to share not only 1 way but 4 ways to find niche related blogs for commenting. And after knowing them you will not be going to ask this question again.

  1. Search Query Method- (using google)
  2. DropMyLink
  3. Pinterest
  4. Competitor Backlink Analysis

Let me go through them one by one.

1. Search Query Method- (Using Google)

Google is more than a search engine. Most blogs use google just for search something and find information, but they don’t know that they can also use it for finding blog commenting sites purely related to their niche.

All they need just search queries, Like “xxxx xx xxx” + “keyword”.

Here Are Some Best Search Queries For Find Blog Comments Sites.

“Leave a comment” + “your niche/keyword here”

“Add new comment” + “your niche/keyword here”

“Leave a reply” + “your niche/keyword here”

“Post a comment” + “your niche/keyword here”

You can also another type of search query like this,

intitle:your niche/keyword “add new comment”

intitle:your niche/keyword “leave a comment”

intitle:your niche/keyword “post a comment”

For example, My blog niche is Blogging and SEO and if I want to search other blogs for comment opportunity relate to my niche then I will use a search query like this.

Intitle:On page SEO tips “leave a comment” or “leave a comment” + “on page SEO tips”

high dofollow blog commenting sites list

  1. DropMyLink

Dropmylink is a great tool for finding blog comments related to your niche. For using this you will need to sign up a new account.

high dofollow blog commenting sites list

Just enter your email and setup password and you will be logged in Dropmylink.

high dofollow blog commenting sites list

Here you will see a search section for searching your niche or keyword. Enter your keyword/niche. For me, I am entering On page SEO tips

high dofollow blog commenting sites list

Below it you will find Category, set category for comment backlinks 

Just bottom of category, footprint section available – setup this according to your need.

And hit on search.

On the results page, you can find many blog posts that are accepting comments and related to your niche.

high dofollow blog commenting sites list

  1. Pinterest

The next method involves a popular site which you just read above. 

Yes, you can also use Pinterest as a tool for finding blog commenting sites related to the niche.

This is very simple, just search your keywords, many pins will appear, click on one of them, and go to its site.

Find the comment section and use it to make a backlink. Make sure to its DA and spam score.

You can also join their board which is basically focused on your niche or connect to them to grow your community.

  1. Competitor Backlink Analysis

This is another great way to find backlinks that your competitor is using. And that worked for him means it will also work for you.

But for this, I Am suggesting you use an SEO tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

In this article, I am using Ahrefs. You can use any backlink analysis tool.

Enter your competitor’s link and click on backlinks.

Choose link type UGC and hit enter,

All the backlinks filtered that your competitor used for make via blog commenting.

Go to those websites and enjoy blog commenting.

I know this can take a while and extra effort to find these niche relevant sites is why I already did it for you.

For chopping out your work, I already Researched some lists according to every popular niche.

Just find your niche and start making backlinks via Blog Commenting Sites

List of High DA Blog Commenting Sites for Digital Marketing, Blogging, SEO and Social media niche Blogs

High DA Backlinks for Digital Marketing, Blogging, and Social media marketing niche
Neilpatel 87
Yoast SEO Blog 79
Problogger 77
Copyblogger 78
QuickSprout 73
ShoutMeLoud 69
Backlinko 63
SmartPassiveIncome 67
JustaGirlandHerBlog 57
Johnchow.com 58
Elegant Themes Blog 90
Problogger 78
BloggingTips.com 52
99techpost.com 41
WritetoDone.com 54
Matthew Woodward 52
Digitechnopost 35
BlogTyrant.com 53
MelyssaGriffin 58
SmartBlogger 57
Mytechranker 30
Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog 60
MasterBlogging Blog 46
BloggingCage.com 44
RobbieRichards 42
Inspire to Thrive 42
DonnaMerrillTribe.com 40
GotchSeo 40
BloggingX Blog 36

List of High DA Blog Commenting Sites for Tech niche blogs

High DA Blog Commenting sites for Tech niche blogs
OnlineTechTips 73
Trak 64
AllTechBuzz 58
TechWalls 57
TroubleFixers 49
CallingAllGeeks 41
TechLast 40
ShoutMeTech 35
ITechCode 38

List of High DA Education edu Blog Commenting Sites list

Domain DA
http://blogs.bu.edu 90
http://blogs.oregonstate.edu 89
https://my.carthage.edu 63
http://writing.wisc.edu 91
https://my.slc.edu 62
http://jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu 81
http://sites.psu.edu 92
http://jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu 81
http://blogs.uww.edu 72
http://blog.ltc.mq.edu.au 81
http://ausis.edu.au 39
http://runcielab.ucdavis.edu 86
https://du-in.academia.edu 89
http://www.peacockroom.wayne.edu 74
http://mediamusings.dsc.rmit.edu.au 83
http://jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu 81
http://calendar.cal.msu.edu 88
https://golem.ph.utexas.edu 91
http://ehs.mit.edu 95
http://holyangelsisc.edu.in 27
http://www.lehigh.edu 79
http://blog.iese.edu 73

List of High DA Blog Commenting Sites for Health & Fitness niche blogs

High DA Blog Commenting sites for Health & Fitness niche blogs
100DaysofRealFood 65
AggiesKitchen 56
HealthBeckon 53
Diabetes Strong 52
HiveHealthMedia 51
HealthResource4u 41
FitnessVsWeightLoss 35

List of Top Blog Commenting sites for Travel niche blogs

High DA Blog Commenting sites for Travel niche blogs
BoardingArea 78
GloabalGrasshopper 58
DangerousBuisness 56
VelvetEscape 54
TheShootingStar 52
InspiringTravellers 48
IndiTales 44
LakshmiSharat 42
TravelDiaryParnashree 35
RomancingThePlanet 35
AnkiOnTheMove 32

List of best Blog Commenting sites for Finance niche blogs

Blog Commenting sites for Finance niche blogs
MoneySavingMom 70
SavingAdvice 63
OneCentAtATime 58
ManvsDebt 57
ChristianPf 56
FinancialHighway 55
ModestMoney 54
ComFree 49
JagoInvester 47
SafalNiveshak 46
BeatingBroke 40
BasuNivesh 39
SubraMoney 38
MoneyExcel 31

List of High DA Blog Commenting sites for Lifestyle niche blogs

Blog Commenting sites for Lifestyle niche blogs
HBCULifestyle 52
VanityNoApologies 49
EverythingMom 45
Aha-Now 43
Naina 39
AkanshRedhu 39
MordernLifeBlogs 37
DashofWellness 33
Purushu 31
SweetStyleBlog 30

List of High DA Blog Commenting Sites for Real Estate blogs

High DA Blog Commenting Sites for Real Estate niche blogs
Bhomes 49
bloodhoundrealty 39
Joehaydenrealtor 38
kyselectproperties 38
nuhomesource 38
coralgablesrealestatevault 37
louisvillegalsrealestateblog 31
edmontonrealestateblog 29
portlandrealestateblog 28
capesanblasblog 20

List of Top Blog Commenting sites for SEO niche blogs

High DA Blog Commenting sites for SEO niche blogs
stonetemple 61
adespresso 61
latestseotutorial 56
wpsitecare 50
earningguys 45
Trickyenough 44
effectiveinboundmarketing 38
blogcharge 38
tendtoread 38
chasereiner 31
ronlin 29
digilearning 28

Bonus: List of Instant approval Dofollow Blog Commenting sites 

Instant Approval Blog Commenting sites for SEO niche blogs
britishdeveloper 31
sodhanalibrary 29
curryprinting 20
ytngroup 18
asmak9 17
compellingadverts 17
monids 16
greysquall 16

Most Asked FAQs related to Blog Commenting Sites

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is the best way when we think about backlinks. Just goto your niche related blogs, find comment section, wrote a comment, and enter your blog link in website section. 

And post the comment, after it’s approval you will get a backlink for your site.

Is Blog Commenting important for SEO?

Yes, blog commenting is very important for SEO. It is helpful for boosting domain authority, better rankings and referral traffic.

How to do Blog Commenting?

First, you need to find sites that is related to your blog niche. Then find any post and head over to the comment section.

wrote a comment and enter your blog link in the website section. And post the comment

Is Blog Commenting still effective?

Yes, it is still effective not only in terms of backlink strategy but in Improving your visibility, generating more traffic and creating connections with other bloggers.

Basant kumar
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