Secret Way to Find a Profitable Niche for Blogging

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Profitable Niche for Blogging: So, you are thinking about starting a blog. But you are not sure, which topic or blog niche will be good to start writing so that later it can start making money.

Don’t worry you are not alone who want to find a profitable niche for blogging.

That’s why I decided to write this article, in which I am going to share my secret strategy to Find a Profitable Niche for Blogging.

You can even find micro niche blogging ideas with it.

This strategy helped me to find many blogging niches that are way more profitable and less competitive than other niches.

In fact, I also used this strategy for my clients to find a profitable blogging niche.

Believe me, after reading this article you will never be confused about finding profitable blog niches.

What you will get in this article

  • Step by step guide on How to find a profitable niche for blogging
  • How to do Reverse engineering for any blog niche
  • Keywords, content ideas, format and all important aspects of that niche
  • How competitive and profitable is that blog niche
  • Bonus: already researched Most profitable blogging niches

So, let’s dive in!

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What is a Blog Niche?

First thing first, before going deep in this article’s advanced terms you should know what is a blog niche

I also added an example so you can understand better.

A blog niche is a carefully researched and analyzed specific topic on which you will write content for your blog.

And this specific topic will be your blog niche.

By selecting a niche you must understand that you are targeting a specific audience interested in that niche.

Let’s understand it with an example,

I want to start a blog and find out that the automobile niche is a good and profitable one.

But it’s a broad topic including everything that runs on wheels like cars, trucks, bikes, vans etc.

So I narrow it down to cars. 

Now my blog niche is car related and my audience is car interested people.

But what if I narrow it further down, I mean there are a lot of car makers like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Honda (by Indian market) etc.

I researched and found out that Maruti Suzuki is the most trusted and selling brand in all of the car companies in India.

So I picked Maruti Suzuki and now my micro niche for blog is Maruti Suzuki cars.

My target audience is all the people who are interested and search about Maruti Suzuki Cars.

Like new updates, information about a car model, new car launches, offers etc.

And I know my targeted audience is good so I can use AdSense + affiliate marketing to generate income from this niche.

Plus, once my micro niche blog starts getting enough traffic. I can also use sponsored posts, banners ads, paid guest posts and backlinks to earn extra money every single month.

I hope you understood what a niche and micro-niche for blog is.

Now it’s time to move ahead on the article which is,

profitable niche for blogging

Time to tell- Secret Way to Find a Profitable Niche for Blogging

Very excited to tell you this strategy, trust me it’s a very simple yet most effective way to Find a Profitable Niche for Blogging.

Pro Bloggers already know this strategy but don’t like to share with beginners.

It’s nothing like starting from a board niche to a micro-niche that I did in the above example.

Everything is already done by professional bloggers and now all you have to do is select one niche that you can prefer and comfortable for writing.

Enough jibber-jabber, it’s time to reveal the secret!

Have you heard about Flippa,

It’s a website buying and selling marketplace where bloggers (including pro) sell their established blogs for a high price.

But what if I tell you can use this marketplace to Find a Profitable Blog Niche for yourself.

Sounds amazing, isn’t it!

So let me tell show the process step by step,

Step 1. Go to>websites

profitable blog niches

Then click on see all websites

profitable blog niches

Here you will see all the websites including their monetization type, google analytics for traffic, net income on a monthly basis and finally blog niche.

Plus here all details verified by Flippa itself then no need to worry about fake details.

And if you click on the view listing you can see more in-depth details. 

profitable blog niches

Note: you have to create an account and sign in for check details. Don’t worry it’s free.

Step 2. After clicking on the view listing, on this page you can see further details in deep and see the potential of that niche.

profitable blog niches

As you can see here on the listed blog statistics, this blog niche is cricket and it is only 11 months old.

But it’s traffic and AdSense income is quite amazing. It means this niche is good and you can also start blogging with this niche.

See how simple the process of finding a profitable niche for blog using Flippa marketplace is.

Please note: I am not promoting this flippa blog listing or even encouraging you to adapt this niche. I am only using this only as an example here to show you the process.

Reverse Engineering of the Blog Niche

Now it’s time to reverse-engineering the niche that you found on flippa and selected for blogging.

In the part of the analysis, we will find out all keywords, top content pages, backlink strategy and SEO aspects of that listed blog.

So we can use this in our blog to grow it fast and because these things worked on that flippa listed blog means it will also work in our blog.

For this analysis, I am using the SEMrush SEO tool.

Get 7-days SEMrush Free Trial

After putting their URL on Semrush, We can see all data like,

  • Domain authority
  • Backlinks
  • Organic Traffic
  • Top Keywords
  • Search engine ranking positions
  • Competitors
  • And many more things…

profitable niche for blogging

And clicking on view all at the “Top organic keywords” section we can check keywords that are ranking high and bringing traffic for this site.

profitable niche for blogging

profitable niche for blogging

These are all keywords related to this niche.

Clicking on Backlinks here, we can check all the sites that are linking to this site and boosting its authority.

profitable niche for blogging

Once you understand these metrics, you can easily duplicate the process of a successful site of your desired niche and bring traffic to your niche site.

Also, Check Monthly searches & Google Trend for the Niche

Once you find a niche, your first job checks it’s monthly searches and google Trend.

Let’s start with monthly searches,

For checking monthly searches we will use Google Keyword Planner. It’s a free and most powerful Keyword research tool by Google.

Of course, you are also free to use other Keyword Research Tool.

If you don’t know how to use Google for Keyword Research, then I highly recommend reading this Ultimate Guide- How to Smartly use Google for Keyword Research.

Enter your niche Keyword on Google Keyword Planner>Discover new keywords

On the result page, you can see all Keywords related to your niche Keyword, their monthly search volume, Difficulty, and CPC.

profitable blog niches

As you can see here Cricket Keyword search volume pretty good. And keyword difficulty is low.

Now head for Google trend to check Niche’s trend over the period.

Just type your niche keyword and hit enter.

profitable blog niches

Please note: If the trend line is going up or maintaining it’s balanced over the period, then it’s best to start a blog on this niche.

As you can see cricket is an ever youth sports so it’s the trend but from few months it’s trend is effected by Coronavirus because no cricket updates coming. But after this pandemic over, trend line again goes upward.

Things you are knowing with this way to finding a profitable niche for blogging.

  • Profitable blog niche
  • Monetization & Traffic Scope
  • Keywords, backlinks, SEO metrics
  • Top Content ideas
  • Content Format & Layout

Final Conclusion

This strategy worked for me every time I needed to find a profitable niche for blogging.

I hope it will also work for you.

But make sure you pull out analysis well to find out the true value of the niche so it can be a profitable one in the future.

Let’s Wrap Up

So tell me did you like the strategy and which you liked most is it finding the niche or reverse engineering part.

Please share your experience in the comments.

And if you have any query or question related to it don’t hesitate to ask for it.

FAQ: Most asked questions related to finding a profitable niche for blogging

What is Blog Niche?

A blog niche is a carefully researched and analyzed specific topic on which you will write content for your blog.
And this specific topic will be your blog niche.

How to Find Profitable Blogging Niches?

In this article, I briefly described my secret method to find profitable niches for blogging. So please read it and start your blogging journey.

What are the most profitable topics to start blogging in 2021?

Here are the most profitable blog niches that you can start in 2021.
most profitable blog niches 2021
I also did some metric research to make your work easier like these niches monthly searches, Keyword difficultly and their google trend.
So let’s dig in.
Fitness Niche
Key Metrics:
“Fitness”: 101,000 monthly searches
Keyword difficulty: 60
Google trends: Stable
Crochet Niche
Key Metrics:
“Crochet”: 112,000 monthly searches
Keyword Difficulty: 48
Google Trends: Upward trajectory
Photography Niche
Key Metrics:
“Photography”: 217,000 monthly searches
Keyword difficulty: 22
Google trends: Stable
DIY Niche
Key Metrics:
“DIY”: 181,000 monthly searches
KD: 55
Google trend: Upward trajectory
Pet Niches
Main keywords:
Dogs: 545,000 monthly search volume / KD: 62
Cats: 600,000 monthly search volume / KD: 75
Parrots: 25,000 monthly search volume / KD: 32
Hamsters: 31,000 monthly search volume / KD: 22
Fish tank: 46,000 / KD: 22
Beauty Niche
Key metrics:
“Beauty”: 230,000/month with KD 50
“Hairstyles” 240,000/month with KD 33
“Makeup”: 167,000/month with KD 63
“Nail art”: 65,000/month with KD 31
“Wrinkles”: 12,000/month with KD 53
“Acne”: “100,000/month with KD 85
These are the blogging niches That I researched and found the most profitable and low competition from which you can start your blogging journey.
So feel free to share it with your friends.

Can affiliate marketing be used for any blogging niche?

Yes, affiliate marketing can be used in any niche. All you have to find your niche affiliate program.
Here the simple trick to find,
Go to google and type- “your niche” + affiliate programs.
For example, my niche is blogging, so I will type- “blogging affiliate programs.
That’s all, pretty easy, isn’t it!

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  2. Informative post.
    Have got the Idea for Starting a Micro Niche Blog based on DIY do it yourself.
    One more question what should i select the domain name based on a particular topic name in diy or domain name based on directly diy names.
    Please suggest.

    • Hi, Raj
      I am glad it helped you.
      And answer to your question,
      Try to add you main Keyword in domain. As it’s very helping for microniche blogs

  3. I started my niche on food but using .xyz domain does it get ranked or not.

  4. good content
    i am going to write blog content but i sheo confused what i choose niche but some idea got reading your blog .thansk can you please sugg for sucessful blog devolpment .

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