How to Start Dropshipping Business in India (step by step guide)

Dropshipping India: What if, I told you there is a way you can start a business and earn money without investing so much. Even you don’t have to manage products, shipping or returns. And this business is called Dropshipping!

You can do it from your home, no matter where you lives.

So, what is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an online business model, in simple words you are selling products to customers that you don’t have or need to buy for reselling.

Then you will send this order info to your selected dropshipping supplier and he handles all process, from packaging to delivering at the customer’s doorstep.

That’s all!

And you earned the money.

Your profit is simply the difference in the cost of product from the supplier and the amount you decided to sell that product on your website.

for example, you are selling a product on your site in 100 rupees but it cost 60 rupees to supplier, then your profit and earning is 40 rupee.

100 (your price to customer)- 60 (supplier’s cost) = 40 (profit).

This business runs on autopilot, all you have to do is make a site and bring the right customers to your site.

This is how the dropship business model works,

Dropshipping India: How to Start Dropshipping Business in India

According to Oberlo Indian e-commerce sales are growing by 51% annually and by the end of 2020, it’s expected to be $120 Billion revenue.

And as dropshipper you can also be a part of this.

Benefits of Dropshipping

1. No-risk

Have you ever thought about starting your own business, where you will be the owner of a profitable business?

But then the fear of risk stops you that what if it won’t turn out profitable. Or maybe it will take more money (even time and efforts) to start it. The human mind works this way to stay away from risks and discomfort.

So, don’t worry many people think like this, you are not the only one.

That’s why Dropshipping can help you. Nowadays, It’s getting very famous for it’s no risk business model, where you start within a short time (2-5 days) and earn profits from day 1 of launch.

2. No worry for inventory

In a typical business, as we always know, must have inventory and a store where this inventory can be put for selling.

But in Dropshipping, all you need a website or a online platform where you can bring buyers.

You don’t need inventory or store as you already have suppliers who have this inventory managed and stored for you.

And you are just paying for what you are selling at your dropshipping store.

3. Minimum efforts with low Budget

For any online business especially in India, you have to or need manufacture products, maintain the stock, prepare for the order and then ship it to the customer address all by yourself.

And when the product is not met with the customer’s criteria, you have to replace or even accept the return. This is not just increasing your efforts but also your budget.

On the other hand, Dropshipping can cut off these efforts and manage by a single person with minimal efforts as it mostly works on automation and tools.

As I told you above, when you get a new order from the customer. You only need to pay for the supplier and then he will prepare and ship it.

Or if the customer isn’t happy with a product or got a wrong/damaged product. Then notify the supplier he will replace it.

But if the customer demands a refund, I know this question itching you.

First, do not hesitate to know why he wants refund, tell him to send product pictures if he really got wrong/damaged one. Then ask the supplier for replacement or refund.

See in dropshipping, even with some replacements or refunds you won’t get any lose.

4. Turn hobby into a business

Yes, you can turn your hobby or passion about something into a business. There are many examples of people who started an e-commerce store to sell things about they knew most. Then target the same audience.

Because they know this domain/niche (category) better than any general niche they are successful and earning money from their hobby.

And you can do the same.

For example, I like anime (animated series and movies). And from my childhood am a big fan of this industry.

So, I decided to open my dropshipping store on this niche.

And because I know clearly this niche and audience related to it. This worked for me and helped me to earn from it.

If you also love doing something like photography, sports, game or even wearing fashionable clothing then you can also start your dropshipping store on this niche.

5. Knowledge and experience

Even if your dropshipping business not turn out as you expected and decided to shut it down. You will not exit empty-handed.

Alongside the money, you earned from your dropshipping store. You also gained something more valuable than money.

Knowledge, experience and new skills in online stuff like SEO (search engine optimization), Social media marketing, customers management, website design and management and other digital marketing stuff.

These skills can come handy as we are living in the modern technology world.

By the time of getting it’s benefits, we know you are edging to know “How can you can start dropshipping”.

So don’t worry, we got it covered.

we created a step by step guide below and by following this guide you can easily build your store from scratch even you don’t know anything about it or not a technical guy.

This guide also helps you to understand the advance things that most professional dropshippers doing.

Dropshipping Guide: Start Dropshipping in India

Step 1: Choose a Niche

Before entering in any business it is wise to think about the niche first. The category or particular field type of business. Because without knowing it you cannot run your business very long.

If you already know your niche that means you are good to go and can skip step 1.

But in case you don’t know how to find a profitable niche. I must tell you there are various ways to find.

  • Aliexpress and Amazon

Most people in the world, use these two online platforms for shopping but online e-com sellers use it to find products. And by approaching this method you can also find your niche.

Just go to their best selling products. This will give you major information about what products are the best selling on them. And then you create your store around these products with more options.

Or you can simply check out this post from alidropship 50 Niche Products To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store In 2020.

You can also read their other article on Niche. This will help to find out profitable niches for the online store.

Step 2: Build your store

After selecting the niche, now it’s time to create the online store where you can import products from Aliexpress and start selling.

Aliexpress is lowest n largest marketplace to get supplies for your store and they provide all support for dropshipping.

How to start dropshiping in India

You can do it in many ways, but I recommend these two,

First, opening a Shopify store,

Most of you already heard that name, aren’t you? But if you don’t know what’s the Shopify is then let me tell you.

Shopify is a subscription-based online e-commerce site creation software. Which offer services from the start of an online store to sell and manage products.

As I said, Shopify works on subscription basis. So, you have to pay $29 every month to keep your store functional. Plus, mostly themes, plugins and add ons on Shopify are also on subscription-based. That may cost you more than your earnings.

If you want to start you want to store on Shopify from scratch, this guide “Shopify Tutorial for Creating an Online Store” will help you.

Second Alidropship,

In our this guide “how to start Dropshipping in India” we will use this plugin.

Alidropship is a wordpress plugin and unlike Shopify, you only have to pay for one time and then you can you use their services/plugins for lifetime with lifetime help support.

In a short time, Alidroship gained huge popularity and success. They even recognised and featured on Forbes, Inc, NBC and many others.

how to start dropshipping in India with alidropship

They have also a vast community of dropshippers who will help if you are facing any issue.

Not only they provide the best services and support but also keeping inventing more useful solutions to help their users.

So, we strongly recommend to use Alidropship services if you want to start dropshipping business in India.

In order to use Alidropship plugin, you need to register a domain name and hosting and install wordpress in it.

A domain name is the name of your business and hosting is where you will host your business.

Note: You can use any registrar to get register your domain name and hosting. But please first confirm is the hosting is IonCube loader ready or not. In order to Alidropship plugins properly work this is must be required. Most hostings come up with preinstalled IonCube loader but if it’s not then buy another hosting.

For our guide, we used Godaddy for domain and Alidropship’s hosting (yes, they also offer this) for hosting.

Go to Godaddy and search your domain name, see if it is available or not. If it’s available the register it

It will cost you around 10$.

Then go to this alidropship page for hosting.

how to start dropshipping in India with alidropship hosting

Here, you can see multiple plans, but we recommend Sliver as it is cover everything that we need to launch a profitable store. This plan just cost you $3/month. Pretty much cheaper and value for money than other hosting companies.

Get 10% OFF on custom store by using “CUSTOM10” at checkout! – Save upto $89

You can checkout Alidropship hosting review here.

But you are free to choose other hostings as well. But make sure they also offer SSL (must require for e-com site) and pre-installed IonCube loader in their hosting.

Now, it’s time to connect hosting with Domain. Don’t worry this a lot easier than you think.

Just go to registrar site where you registered your domain, In our guide we used GoDaddy.

Goto products>domains, then select the domain and click on DNS.

Here you can see nameservers, Just change them from default to custom and enter Alidropship nameservers. So the domain can be pointed and hosted to Alidropship hosting.

You can find Alidropship nameservers on your hosting, Just log in into your hosting account and click Service their you can see your hosting plan. There you will find out nameservers.

It should take upto 48 hours to point out domain to new nameservers but once it’s done Install SSL. Just login in your Cpanel, Which is and go-to installer for install wordpress into your hosting.

After that, you need to install SSL into your site and for that go to SSL section and there you can install it with a click.

I tried my best to guide you every step.

But still, you think that this is complicated for you or not such a technical person then you can buy Alidropship custom store.

how to create dropshipping business in India

Where Alidropship manager and the team will take care of everything and build a store according to your wish and demand.

Below image will show, what benefits you will get if you let them build your store.

start dropshipping in India

They will even import ready to sell 50 products. Which are fully SEO optimized and description ready. This way you will also learn how to optimize more products which you will add later in your store. And guess what! this is an only one-time investment.

But if you don’t feel like that, follow other steps ahead in the article.

After installing wordpress, you have to add a theme, which is built for e-commerce and have elements like cart, checkout, payment page and customer buying factors and it must also have to fast.

Because if your site takes too much time on loading, it is possible that customers will leave it before loading. That’s why it needs to fast.

The ideal time to load 2 to 4 seconds.

If you don’t know what theme will be good then don’t worry Alidropship has some free themes that are not just fast but also fully optimized for buying factors.

Go to Alidropship theme section, and look for Da Vinci free theme and download it. This is the very first and amazing theme which is free. For better performance, design, layout and looks you can also use premium themes.

Then upload it on your site, for upload log in to your wordpress the go to appearance>theme>add new>upload.

After successfully upload activate it.

That’s all, Now you are ready to head out for the next step!

Step 3: Install Alidropship Plugin

Your e-com store is getting into the shape as you connected domain to hosting and installed wordpress in it and uploaded a theme.

Now all you have to do is install it’s core “Alidropship plugin“.

You will get plugin also compatible with Woocommerce.

For install this plugin, you need to purchase it. Which will cost you $89.

Get 15% OFF on Alidropship Plugin & Save $13.35

Use “STARTER15” at Checkout

Go to this page and just enter your details and make payment.

How to start dropshiping in India

Soon after, you will see the download option and license key for the plugin and also get an email with purchase details at your mailbox.

How to start dropshiping in India

Then go to your website’s wordpress dashboard>plugins>add new>upload.

and upload the downloaded zip file for the plugin. Then activate the plugin.

How to start dropshiping in India

Here’s the step 2 completed!

Step 4: Setting up all options

Almost all things are done for creating a professional dropshipping store. Just need to set up some settings

  • Page and menus

Let’s start with creating the main pages and menus of the store.

And you do it too with just one click, follow the steps.

goto to wp dashboard>cusomizaton>General>click on create

How to start dropshiping in India

This will create all the essentials pages of the store.

How to start dropshiping in India

you can scroll every section of customization and tune up settings like colour, header images and add social media links.

Pretty much everything is ready by default and just a click away. Let’s also set up those and then you are ready to import products.

  • Alidropship plugin settings

Wp dashboard>alidropship>settings


For order fulfilment use default settings

Skip product images

In tracking section just enable estimated delivery time option.


Click on Add recommended and this import pricing formula (suppliers price vs your price) for all products.

Next is >Payments 

We recommend you to use Paypal as it will help to get international payments from all around the globe.

Enable the first two options Paypal payment option and Paypal express checkout

Now a little complicated part integrating Paypal to your website for accepting payments.

Change Rest API to NOV/SOAP (classic). Then,

Go to and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account then create a new one and log in.

Click on setting icon

Then goto selling tools>API access>click on update.

integrate paypal for dropshipping in India

Scroll to below, there you will NVP/SOAP (classic). Click on manage API credentials.

paypal integration for dropshipping india

here you see you the details that need for payment integration to your site, just copy and paste them in their respective fields.

And now your website ready to accept payments.

Next, we need to setup >Notificatons

Mailing service setting,

Again a complicated part, in which we have set up our store with a mailing service to send out emails like Order confirmation, Shipping notification and order delivered as well as abundant cart emails.

It’s the same kind of emails that you get when you order something from Amazon or Flipkart.

The easiest way to do this to connect with SMTP, where you have just connect it to your hosting mailing service.

Login to your hosting, head over to email and set up an official email for your website like [email protected] or [email protected] or maybe [email protected]

After creating an official mail id click on configure and enter all required details on the notification panel.

how to create dropshipping business in India

That’s all.

But if want to connect mailing service to Sparkpost, Mailgun, Pepipost or to others then read this post.

Use the default setting for others below.


Enable all options in this page and enter your store SEO data.

With this final setting all things up let’s move forward to step 5.

Step 5: Import Products into your store from Aliexpress

Now, your professional dropshipping store is fully ready and ready to do some business. So let’s start the import and adding products into your websites.

For this, you need you to add Alidropship extension into your chrome browser, which is totally free.

Search on google or chrome web store “Alidropship chrome extension”

And click on the first result, then add it to your chrome browser.

Alidropship extension for dropshipping in India


Click on that extension and activate for import Aliexpress products.

Alidropship extension for dropshipping in India

After log in to the extension, go to Aliexpress and start searching your niche products,

aliexpress - dropshipping india

Above you can see the extension working.

For example, I searched dragon ball Hoodie and so many products appeared. For more specific results you can use filters like price, free shipping and ratings.

Just select and click on the extension icon above the products and then click import, thus those products will be imported to your store.

start dropship in india

Go to your wp dashboard>products>all products,

Here, you can see all the products that you imported from Aliexpress. And the best part is that product images will not save in your hosting server, that way you can import as many as you want without filling up your server.

All the data will be automatically updated when supplier makes the change on Aliexpress. If the supplier changes the price of product on Aliexpress, it will be automatically updated on your store.

See, how beneficial is Alidropship.

Make sure you edit products to optimize their title, description and seo tags before publishing to your website.

Step 6: Promote your store and bring traffic

Finally, your dropshipping store is ready. Now you just have to bring the right customers to your store to start making money.

You can do this in many ways,

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Traffic from social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchatetc.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  3. Facebook and Google shopping advertisement (Paid Ads) – Running paid ads on Facebook and Google
  4. Email Marketing – Sending emails to subscribers with offers
  5. Video Marketing – Creating engaging videos on Youtube, Tiktok, IGTV etc.
  6. Influencer Marketing – Contact and get traffic from niche influencers with prompting products.

Most dropshippers use paid ads and influencer marketing to generate sales while SEO can be the slow pace for getting visitors on your store.

Video marketing is also getting attention these days as they are really helpful to turn viewers into buyers.

Step 7: Order and customer management

You got the order now what?

After getting order you need to place the same order with seller on Aliexpress. You can do it 2 ways,

  • Manual 

In manual way, when you receive an order from the customer on your store. You need to go Aliexpress and manually make an order with the same details of customer that you received. Then the seller ship to the customer address.

  • Automatic

With the automatic way, you can process the order with a single click from your store with the help of Alidropship plugin.

You just need to make payment at check out. That’s all.

start dropship in india

Didn’t I told you alidropship plugin will handle everything.

But what if the customer is not happy with product, how to deal with him.

Like I said above, Aliexpress has good buyer protection policy and where you can ask refund when something wrong with products.

Wrapping Up

We try our best to provide you all details for doing Dropshipping business in India, So now it’s your turn to open a store and start earning from it.

If you still need any help or facing any problem in creating your website. You can contact us or comment below. I loved to help you.

And don’t forget to tell us what you like most in the article. Is it Alidropship plugin, our step by step guide or Aliexpress.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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